Modeling for Les on 4 Theme Subject

Last friday, prepared to do two vids for my YT channel when I received a call from Sophie of MineralMakeup Blog. Her classmate Les, was in need of a model and asked if i'm available. Of course i said yes. Les called me up to confirm and i went to bed already. The class starts at 8 am, for those who know me very well knows how difficult it is to wake up in the morning. I quite shocked myself that i was in bed as early as 11:30 in the evening.

Surprisingly, I woke up 4:48 am. Minutes away from my phone alarming. I instantly got up and prepared for the day as well as take care of my little duke's needs for the rest of the day. Mom and I had breakfast at McDonald's before i left. She was pretty shocked that she didn't have to wake me up unlike school days. Obviously, make-up makes me happy and excited to look forward everyday. :)

I got lost but thankfully, Leslie picked me up. Lesly is so pretty and looks like Isabel Granada (Pinay 80-90's Actress) She is also nice and very accommodating. At the school, I got to see Sophie was already starting on her model (a fellow gtlaker). I got to meet Jheng finally, our very own Sutil Blogger who brings us impressive and colorful eye make-ups! Both of them are so pretty. Sophie i've met thrice already (met her during BeautyandMinerals Bazaars) while i just met Jheng for the frist time. They're so good with the makeup craft. It's a little sad that we couldn't spend more time to bond since they have an OJT with MAC cosmetics for a Play at RCBC. Maybe next time, girls?

I'm sure the girls learned how majorly talkative i am! LOL!

Back to class:
We started with contouring and highlighting. Les got straight A's on her evaluation. I'm so impress on how she mixed the liquid foundation and powders. Next was the Prime Look (with eye colors and brows). Ms. RB, the teacher, gave her a very good on this. The last was the fourth color on the eyes that will give the tamed smokey eyes look. This i'm planning to used in my future EOTDS. As usual, Les again got a very good from Ms. RB. Yey! I'm so happy that Les got good grades since we had a few bumps along the way. Mainly on tightlining since my eyes are very ticklish on the waterline parts and the worst is that i cry easily. We took quite some time on that part. Thankfully, my eyes weren't that red when Ms. RB was evaluating the work. :)

Les proved to be very good on her craft. I'm sure she'll have a long way to go after this. I'm also sure that she'll be successful in becoming a makeup artist. :)

I had such a fun time. I realize that it wasn't so easy and that i may need to have more patience like they all do. It was great to meet friends online and that i look forward in meeting them again as well as other bloggers here and abroad. I can't tell you enough how inspiring they all are. All of them, making their dreams come true. I do wish that all of us will find a way to reach all our goals and dreams someday.

enough yapping, here are the pictures:

i hate to post this but this is before photo! yucky!

After photo
now, this is the right pic to be posted

me and Les (the one behind the flawless look i have)

my dear new friends: Les and Martin

Finally! I got to meet Jheng, :) who is very pretty in person and super nice!
Sophie, my very first enabler! I saw you again! It seems years ago since you introduced me to mineral makeup.

lol! this was like the third time! i kept laughing every time!

again, the art and the master! hehehe!!

till next time, girls!!

so, what kind of make-up artistry would you like to learn?

much love,

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