80 Pesos Rainbow Look

you think it's impossible? not really, a tru kikay pinay can find treasure among the most simple and cheapest of things.

looking at the Baxi Pallette on one of the kiosk at the mall near my place, i was instantly inspired to get this P80(more cheaper if you buy in Quiapo or Divisoria) Make-up Pallete for its vibrant colors. I could just see myself recreating the Rainbow look with its colorful eyeshadows. Honestly, thinking back to the days before this make-up madness started, i would never have purchase this Brand, much less the shades in it. I would probably laugh at myself.

Eat your words, Kikay Pinay! :)

Enough talk, here they are

Small and cheap wonders. :)

Baxi Palette
Ellana MPM in Foxy - eyeliner (mixed with eyedrops)
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

much love,

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