Natural Skin Story International (Natural Facial Experience)

Hi everyone!!

Kikay Pinay just got her facial today because a very big zit took comfort on her chin.

My story: I've tried a lot of facial spas that i feel there's nothing much that would surprise me. I mean, i practically tried many treatments for my acne-ridden face back in college. From the cheapest to the most expensive, been there done that is my mantra. Sometimes, it even comes to a point that i know more about facial than my attending aesthetician. Some treatments work, some don't. sometimes i just love how an aesthetician does her work that i keep coming back for more. :)

Today, I was browsing through the beauty clinics located at the fourth floor of the mall and saw what a fab interior this new facial center have. SKIN STORY is a SOUTH KOREAN based facial skin center known as White Club International. It has over 110 skin care center all over the said country. And now is available to us Pinays and Pinoys. :) The Skin Story is only a week old here in Manila.

They use TRISHA cosmetics used by special skin care centers all over Korea.

Facial starts from Php250 up to only Php1,300. They will first offer you Natural Skin Story Analysis that determines what skin type you have. This will also determine the which program would best suit you.

I didn't need that since i already know what i want. Maybe in my next visit, i will have my skin analyzed. I immediately told them what i want and I was first offered BLUE 2 (Php350) which is a Basic Facial with Pricking. Then the attendant says that if i wanted i could upgrade it to their Special treatments that is focused on Skin problems. In my case, it was the Oil Control which is only (Php450). Super cheap right?

The place is very chic and quiet, with only the relaxing music in the background. You will be shown to a very spacious room will several beds in it. The beds are apart from each other providing you with a lot of personal space. No tabi-tabi system here.. No crawling either to your bed. Most espcially, it is away from prying eyes of people walking by the mall. It certainly provides you privacy. something i definitely appreciate.

The facial is OMYGAWD great! and i am not kidding here. i never had my face massage that way before. There is much facial massage since it helps the blood circulation on your face that will give you a healthy glow after. I simply can't express how circulated the blood in my face is. the products that were used smells wonderful, no industrial smell or alcohol smell. Every step was very much anticipated. :) I love the fact that the products used are all Natural.

My oh my! i wish i could do it over and over again. Except the pricking part. Hehe!

My face was deep-cleansed by aromatic gels and creams. My zit was also treated. Yey!

One of my fave part was the Gesso Mask which is a charcoal based mask that sips oil from my skin. it is a heated mask which i totally loved. the added bonus was i got a bit of facial waxing since the Mask when taken off takes the hair of your face. Don't worry, your eyebrows will be be covered. :) lol! Another fave is the Supersonic Essence which uses a machine with a handle mush similar to a coffee presser used in espresso machines. this is heated and run through your face with gel that give you a moisturized face. They call it auto-moisture. :) coz even oily skin need to be moisturized. this reminds of of the laser but with different purpose. :)

I also notice how generous they were with their products. they also use Blemish balm cream and that they have a very different approach in doing facial. They don't use a lot machineries as well. It pretty much hands on. Which again, i appreciate.

I also appreciate how patient my attendant was since i asked her a lot of question and that i have a low pain threshold. She has to be a extra careful with the pricking part.

I also tried their Partial-diet which aims to lessen oil deposits using Gesso mask all over your tummy. It also uses suction to suck and massage my belly (bilbil actually). I tried this because i want to see how it was done and for Php500, why not? :) i totally enjoyed the experience. :) and if my tummy looks flatter in the coming weeks.. i'll definitely do this forever. :)

I also love the amenities. There were blower, sanitized brushes, combs, and etc. A well equipped powder room it was. :)

the powder room
(at the right is a sanitizing machine for the brushes, blower and other amenities covered my bag and jacket (sorry))

Kikay Pinay Loves:
1. The prices! :) Facial is uber cheap for the work done to you. (P250 to P1300)
2. The place is very nice and privacy is well provided.
3. The aesthetician who is very patient and did a great job on the Program availed.
4. Its very near to my place. :)
5. Products used are Natural.
6. Sytematic Treatment. The step by step of the each program is provided for you. You won't ever wonder what is going on. The transparency of Skin Story Treatment is a definite plus.
7. Great attentive customer service
8. VIP card is provided (free treatment after your fifth visit). Yey!
9. They don't offer you to buy products and avail of more treatments or masks etc! isn't that annoying sometimes?

Kikay Pinay doens't love:
1. That is has only 1 branch at the moment. :(

I really love Skin Story and would make it my weekly or ever other week ritual. :) I hope you'll enjoy this too. :)

For The Kikay Pinay's first visit, she definitely gives Skin Story Center:


Hope this helps you out. :)

So, who takes care of your skin?

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

Skin Story is located at 4F Body Senses of Robinson's Metroeast Mall

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  1. my bestfriend's right, skin story is one of the best...

  2. I seriously want a facial right now because of my annoying blackheads on my chin and nose. How I wish that they can be all over the place like lets face it. The location is a real issue to me as I can get easily lost.

    My little new world:

  3. Moodylorenz7/11/11 10:12 PM

    you are so right..i'm planning to get back to the place and try their other services..for curiosity, i tried their foot spa that comes with pedicure..actually its just a simple service but they gave me more than what i've expected..the service was so great, and they are even so friendly with my 7 year old daughter..a salon called  "Lets face it" did not allow my child  to come with me even for just a simple foot spa, so i did not push through..imagine, they would not let my kid in?the nerve..With Skin Story, its so different though...they had been so tolerable with my kid, they even provided her with a comfy sit, and just reminded her that she has to be quiet in a kid friendly way..Kudos to Skin Story...


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