Watson's haul & Kate Jone's haul

i had my keys duplicated today because for the world of me, i don't know where my keys go. i think it might have fallen of snatched by mistake. Its such a bummer since it cost P30 to duplicate 1 key and i have 7 keys needed to be duplicated. sigh.

since i was at the mall, i decided to stop by Watson's to buy home essentials (alcohols, cottons and hand wash). but then again, i couldn't help not trying the new garnier skin care. This will be one of the first time i will be trying a product that i have not read anything about. Although I have been a Garnier user for quite sometime now (courtesy of relatives abroad), i've only use their hair product..and i don't know if God is playing with me, I saw a Nuetrogena Make-up remover! waahh!! i simply couldn't resist! i'm sooo bad at this.. but since a lot of people has been raving about, i thought its worth a try.. :)

my beauty loot. :D
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion (P365), Garnier Light Dark Spot Correcter Pen (P199), Garnier Lightening Peel-off Mask and Garnier Self-heating Sauna Mask (P49 each)

I tried the Self heating Mask and whoa it is self-heating! :) It doesn't harden and should be washed after 3 minutes. After washing, i noticed that my skin is a bit smoother than the usual. The half of the pack covered my face and more. You must concentrate on the nose, chin and forehead and the product allows you to do that since there is more than enough to apply. I think this product has a future with me. Now, i can't wait to try the Lightening Peel-off Mask tom.

First try: IT STINGS around the eye area. but it definitely removed my eye make-up. despite having a good make-up remover, i still won't let go of my L'oreal Gentle Lip and eye makeup remover..

Garnier: Don't mistake this for your lipgloss. :) this baby aims to lighten dark spot (which i have in abundance). i just applied it after my Mask. :) i'll have to do an intensive review on this. :)

MY KATE JONES LOOT!! I sooo love everything that i got from Kate Jones that i've ventured into her other products, Kojic Soap and Lotion. :) I've been hearing a lot of revs and raves on Kojic and i hope to achieve a lighter and even skin complexion in the coming weeks. yey!

Why so much? well, i got my mom a kojic soap, toner and the Sunblock. :) Kate Jones gives freebies as well for 1000 and above purchase and i got an oatmeal lotion. :)

my dinner 6 hours ago.. gotta sleep na.. :) (after 6 hours practice)

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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  1. hi mam, i read you blog about kate jones, ask ko lng sana if san mo po sya nabili.. my available ba nito sa watsons.. thankyou


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