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organizing and thinking green (tips)


found this slanted organizer @ JAPAN HOMES for P88 ($2)!!
keeps all my eye brushes in place and according to their uses.

got this stackables for P88 each ($2)
i have 4, the other 1 is on top of my desk
what i like about this is its height (of each box). i can put my semi-tall products here. :)

my study/vanity table
i use my bed tray to study actually. so this desk is pretty much devoted to business and kikay stuff! :)


I'm guilty of being an avid user of paper towels and tissue rolls in cleaning my brushes. but i realize that i'm not helping M.N. (mother nature). I consume so much i'm so ashamed! So, i got this 5 pc. towellettes @ Japan Homes for P88 (5 pcs already). this is devoted to my brush cleaning. 2 for drying, 2 as stands when they are drying, the other where i put my bowl. Neat isn't it?? :)

more TIPS, use ceramic bowls for cleaning your brushes and mixing foundations (it's easier to clean and totally resuable). I bought mine for P16 only!
Since we can't help not to use running water for our brush cleaning. i keep a small bowl on sink and transfer it to a "timba" or bucket and when its full. Then i use it to clean garage floor
( i just pour everything on the floor and ask someone else to scrub for me!! lol).
or if its too tedious for you, keep water flow in low. :)

Hope this helps!!

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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