KP is HALOSCAN Protected (thanks to NESSA, btw)

as you can see, my comment section has been changed. this is brought about paranoia that someday someone might b*tch around and make comments that would make my head boil. And you don't want to see me when i'm mad. i cuss, post bad things, fight back and b*tchslap even. I get sent to the principal's office often way back elem and HS days for this. i haven't change.
i'm not great with conflicts. so to eliminate this i'm using HALOSCAN to help track bad comments, just in case. :)

WHY the need? well, blogging is something i do for fun. if someone gives a bad comment, they take the fun out of it. i take constructive criticism well and i'm a gracious loser. but for comments way out of the line, i'll definitely fight back.

I've read post by fellow bloggers about their haters and what nots. i don't want that. if you can't stand what i post, just click "next blog" or close it. It's just heart breaking. i know a lot of you out there don't care about make-up or worst thinks of us as shallow persons. we don't mind. just keep your opinions to yourself. stop hating. the world already has enough of that.

I agree, that as the blog owner, we have the right to regulate our blog and who can comment to it. spare us from your uncalled for remarks. we have built a community that understand what we care and love about and that's enough for us (for me at least). i would hate to read more posts of my fellow bloggers about this. so please, stop the hating and simply go on with your surfing. :)

no need to comment on this post.

much love,
the kikay pinay

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