Kikay Pinay Boracay Bound

Boracay Beachline

Shen and R, Boracay 2006 (barely a year together)

it seems as if it was years ago instead of two, the last time we vacay-ed in Boracay. This place made wonders to our relationship. We just fell in love with the place. The beach, the sand, the people and the simple fact that its far away from Manila. Our first trip together in Boracay was a total experience that we promised that we would return one day and experience more of Boracay. :) We even plan on acquiring a small property there in the future.

I didn't realize that it would be this year..

that he'd pay for everything!!

and that he chose to stay (despite my many other suggestions)
at Boracay Regency Beach Resort!



this he says is he's way of making up for all those times we didn't go out last semester and during summer.

i definitely feel so blessed to have a thoughtful boyfie.
I love you, R!

i can't wait to rest on the beach and bury my toes on the white sand..

but as always, the independent woman in me refuse to let him shoulder everything.
i did pay for my airfare. (pats myself on the back!) :)

i'm also happy that because of the crazy weather we got the room we wanted for the lean season fee. Anything to help my boyfie not to spend so much. But i did ask him to treat me a massage.. oohhh.. i simply can't wait!!

so, i'll be saying "see you" in three days. i'm out May 23 to 25th.

i'll definitely share with you a my 2nd bora experience and a few reviews as well. :)
i still have a final exam next week but i'm determined to make this trip worthwhile. no studies, no polluted, economically and politically troubled manila, no "authorities" and no worries! :)

(what a wonderful phrase!)

aww!! i'm starting to miss you guys!


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

photos courtesy of: Ryan Desiderio of Flicker and Boracay Regency Website

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