i made another order from CoastalScents! waaaahhh!! from what i remember i only have about 2K left in my credit. my order totalled $20.54. i still have a few bucks left. :(

i ordered the oval fluff brushes since pursebuzz raved about it and it's quite similar to one of MAC's highlight brushes.

Mainly, i ordered because of the blender. because i'm learning to make my own mineral makeup foundation. i know i know! i already have a lot in my hand and yet here i am. i even wonder when i'll be able to purchase my 28 pc. Suesh brush and have payments to make the coming week.. :( i'm so bad at this.. :( saving, i mean...

photo courtesy of coastalscents.com

o well, GOD will help me find a way... if not visit me at debtor's prison?

i made eye shadows, foundations and blushes today. it's so freaking hard without all the right materials. so far I'm liking the e/s's i made. hues of blue since i don't have blue eye shadows. also, i did a lot shimmery e/s that could pass off as matte coz it's so sheer. the foundations i made were too light. hence, the blender i ordered. i hope it arrives soon! :)

why no FOTDS EOTDS or review? well for the first two, the bf is here... he's having the worst week so i'm trying to be the perfect understanding gf to him. it's so hard since i have a very loud personality and i tend to nag... but i'm grateful that i curbed that today. As for the no reviews, i haven't had the time to post it! argh. i got a lot of careline colour pencils and they are cool! :) well, 'nuff for now. saving it for the review. :)

we had Gerry's Grill for take out!! sisig, crispy pata and baked tahong! talk about cholesterol!! i feel the back of neck throbbing. obviously, this is the reason I've been eating less the past days.. argh!

Mom came home from her business trip in Cebu. she got me otap, tocino and... D&G LIGHT BLUE!!! yey! my SJP Lovely may now rest. :) LOL.

o well, that's all for now!

au revoir!


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  1. Ooh, I wanted to get one of those blender thingies but I'm waaaay past my card limit. :) I'm gonna send the lippies later today. :)

  2. sis sis sis!!!! you shopped again? hahaha save up still for your 28pcs suesh brushes!!! sayang din yon! hehehe

  3. i will save up! promise.. :) one of these days you'll see it here.. but not anytime soon. loL!

    vi, get one na. let's have a DIY party. :)

  4. ang saya naman shen, ur making your own make-up! best of luck! update ha how it turns out!
    naku baka pretty soon you'll have ur own mmu co ha...wag mo kme kalimutan hehe!

  5. thanks bhing aka blair! i'll be serena! kahit kulang sa height at tangos ng ilong.

    anu ba yan.. matagal pa MMU Co. ko noh. :) i'm actually making ligaw my aunt to join in this venture since she's a chemist that works for a cosmetic co. in the NYC. sana talaga magkaroon. but til then i need to finish law first and become atty. before anything else. :) i won't make forget. nasa imaginary list na kayo ng focus-group ko noh! :) lol!

    dream on, shen.. dream on.. :)

  6. DIY party! That's a cool thought! I need that for my titanium dioxide. :)


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