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shen's sephora inspired brush holder


hi everyone! :)

posting are totally overdue. :)

before i moved in back at my old room. I first got all the stuff i'll need for my "Sephora-inspired brush holder" from Enkore video tutorials. I totally love KOREN!!! here's the link.

this is a little pricier compared to the one Koren made on his tut. :)

things you'll need:
plastic container (can be any shape as long as it will fit your brushes)
i used a real vase for my holder
stone beads (P149.75 for the big pack)
your brushes
(available at SM dept.'s gardening section)

fill container with beads,
stick your brushes on the stone beads.

easy right?? :)

totally no brainer! :)

my brush collection

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