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i'm kinda back


The Holy Week was fun, we did the usual Catholic Rituals (visita iglesia).

Fun thing was Mom and I checked in at Mandarin Hotel. I did a mini fieldtrip @ Landmark and found cute little things that i've been seeing in my fellow kikay's blogs. :) fun! fun! i got most of what i could. couldn't spend so much since i have a lot of stuff to buy for my room.

we took our cousin(from the US) out for dinner. I was so hung over my monday flew out the door. I also met with a client Aiu (so sweet), and gave her her orders. Then i got some containers and other important things for school.

I also took my Digicam to Sony Service Center. and it will take 2 weeks for the thing to get fixed!! :( :( :(

I helped out the boyfie with his papers for school. and i'm printing stuff for MA.

orders are pouring in. i just realize that ELLANA MINERALS are totally in demand. most stuff are easily out of stock. :) so for those you out there who's lemming for ELLANA, there will be some waiting to do. :) but it's ALL WORTH IT!! i love all my ELLANA!!

I can't wait to recieve my BARENATURALS NEW Blush Shade VIVA SOPHIA

I'm so loving my sample so i got me the FS (full size).

I also got Prettiest Pink Peach which is actually a dupe of NARS Orgasm. :) I guess you know why i want this blush. LOL!

Prettiest Pink Peach

i will be posting the actual pic soon.

I'll be relying on my N95 for awhile.. :(

anyhooo, i miss y'all!

will post more soon!!

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