LG's Cooling Fan is The Best Thing For Your Home NOW

Are you ready to say goodbye to your electric fans? Are you having a hard time dealing with the dust, the noise, and the not-so-aesthetically pleasing look of this.. well vintage appliances?

I must say the humming sound doesn't please me anymore since we switched to an inverter aircon that doesn't make a noise at all. But let's face it we live in a country that requires an electric fan. Having aircon is nice but electricity bills limit us in its usage 24/7. Believe me, I've tried. I use to dread seeing my blood pressure levels but now I dread seeing my monthly electric bills.

Enter the world of pretty-looking "electric fans". Nope! These ain't the vintage looing fans they sell for so much but you otherwise get the same technology. One of the things I saw are what LG appliances call Aerotower. A sleek machine that does more than an archaic electric fan.

One thing to note... it's QUIET! And it makes tons of air. But What else makes this amazing is the advanced technology inside this gorgeous machinery! It's soooo pretty and it's so intelligent. I think we match, right? LOLS.

This P20,000 machine is the best thing for a beautiful home.

LG, the most and if not the best South Korean technology company boasts of the Puricare technology and combined it with a cooling fan. To be honest, calling this a fan is such a demeaning term. Sadly my vocabulary needs improvement because the AeroTower really does the basics by proving cooling air but more so it feels like a real breeze coming into otherwise humid surroundings. 

I got a chance to try this machine myself during their event attend by the creme de la creme of the Metro and she was the host as well. Tessa Prieto-Valdez knows the quality upon the quality and we all know she lives in luxury. Suffice to say, AeroTower gor her expensive seal of approval. Who else is there? LG Ambassador Sofia Andres and the gorgeous Shamcey Supsup - a queen no less. 

To make share medical data and how important clean air is to every living being, the good-looking doctor, Dr. Jansen Calalan is also present. Such an eye candy doctor I thought I was in an episode of Grey's anatomy.

But enough about him, the most handsome thing I truly laid eyes on is the technology and the sleek design of LG"s Aerotower. I felt incredibly sad knowing I will probably never have enough moolah to acquire one and sad that I didn't win when they raffled one of them. But very much happy a friend of mine did!

LG Philippines Product Manager, Jave Enriquez highlighted the features and aesthetically pleasing design of the new AeroTower. Inspired by the Red Canyon, it is a part appliance and part work of art, adding elegance to any space in your home or work. It gives three different airflows that fit to your liking. There are 10-speed settings and virtually quieter than a library for only 23 decibels. It also tells you the air quality so you can breathe cool and pure, clean air.

The AeroTower is operated in three different ways - through manual touch control on the unit, through remote control, and also using LG’s ThinQ app. Anything I can control using my phone or Alexa is God's gift to me. I think I need to set aside a jar and save up soon. 

Suffice to say given how enticing they've made the AeroTower by placing it amidst gorgeous interior vignettes of the furniture gallery where they held the event, AeroTower adds more to beautify a space compared to your drastic electric fans. An upgrade through and through!

Architect and beauty queen, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, gushed about how the AeroTower perfectly blends form and function. “Even if the AeroTower was just a fan or just an air purifier, it can hold its own with any designer furniture or artwork on display. The mere fact that it works as both is astounding.” LG brought in Dr. Jansen Calalan, a lifestyle medicine specialist, who talked about the importance of clean air. “Having access to clean air lowers the risk of respiratory issues and heart disease, improves cognitive health, and of course, makes you happier overall.” Actress and new mom Sofia Andres shared how LG’s multi-filtration technology helps her feel safe as well. “The multi-filtration technology gives me assurance and peace of mind, that even with the comings and goings of my babies, both human and canine/feline, the whole family is safe.”

So okay, are we sold? Are we checking in on our funds to see if we can afford it? To be honest, with how fast technology is going getting us one of these now looks more a lucrative investment as time will come these bad boys will get more and more expensive like our mobile phones. Especially now that clean air is such a valuable commodity. 

Thank you to Omar, Millet and the rest of the team for giving me a chance to see LG AeroTower before it went out into the market. And LG Philippines for the continuous innovation that improves the Filipino lives! I claim to have an AeroTower by the end of the year!

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