How to Improve Your Social Media Engagement This 2022

The word 'social' on social media isn't just for decoration. It's probably the best way to describe what it wants to do and wants to achieve—let people interact and socialize with each other.


And this doesn't change whether you're an individual entity or a business present on social media platforms. In fact, being engaged is more of a requirement for the latter than the former. Brands need people to talk about them online to improve awareness of their business, which helps boost recall and recognition. 


If you're on social media not to interact or communicate with anyone other than yourself, you're doing it completely wrong, especially if you're running an online business or store. 


Want to do it right this time around? Then, here are some things you could do to significantly improve your page or brand's engagement on social media—tried and tested by social media management agencies in the Philippines!


●      Increase Your Organic Following


While paid advertising is the best way to go if you want to get faster results and reach more people in a short amount of time, specifically on social media, it won't compare to the genuine connection you create through organic reach. 


For this reason, you mustn't forget about developing authentic relationships with your consumer base, especially your patrons or repeat customers. After all, they're the ones who are more likely to stick around with you for the long haul. And most important, they're the ones who'll serve as the backbone or foundation of your brand—and be with you through thick or thin. 


So, make it a point to pay extra attention to building communications with them and catering to their needs—more so when it comes to queries and questions. 


●      Use the Right Platforms


No matter how much effort you invest or money you inject into your social media page if you're not using the appropriate platform for the type of business you have, then you won't be able to reach your full potential. 


That's why you must use the right social media platform for your business. Identify the platform with the population or demographics that fits your target audience to a tee. This way, your efforts, specifically your social media strategy, won't go to waste and reach the people that matter most to your brand.


And most important of all, don't try to be everything at once. By that we mean, just focus on one or two social media platforms at a time. Get more than that and you'll find yourself having a difficult time managing everything, particularly your community and your content. 


●      Determine Your Target Audience


If you're finding it hard to capture people's attention on social media, then you might want to check who's been getting your marketing materials online. To be more precise, look at the ones being targeted. 


The reason why you're efforts aren't bearing fruit might be because you're not reaching the people that your brand is after—the people that matter. You see, to gain consistent engagement and new interaction on your social media page, you have to market your brand and products to people who are more likely to buy from you or be interested in what you have to offer. They're what you call your target audience. 


Once you've determined the population or demographics that you want to attract, it'll be easier to gain more likes, shares, comments, and other social media interactions on your brand's page. It'll come naturally to you if you do it right. 


●      Be a Good Listener


While starting conversations is important in making people take notice of you, specifically your brand and what you have to say, listening is also an integral part of getting the attention that you want. 


After all, it is through listening—not talking—that you get a feel of your community— what they want, what they need, and what they think about. You can use these to formulate your next move—be it in terms of content or your advertising strategy. It makes it easier for you to give people what they want. And when people have what they want, they're more likely to hear what you have to say and develop a genuine interest in your products and services. 


●      Content is Key


Besides posting regularly and being active on social media, what you're putting out there matters, too. After all, it's what people will remember and will attach to your brand. 


That's why it's important to always think about the content that you share and post. Plan it out carefully, make sure that it's timely, presents accurate information, and is easy to digest. Making it look good is also important, so make it pleasant and eye-catching. 


Consistently releasing content that interests your audience and makes them stop in their tracks is a sure-fire way of getting your engagement rate to where it needs to be!


Always Be on the Lookout

While these tips will more than be enough to help you reach your engagement goals on social media, we still recommend that you keep an eye out for new trends on social media, specifically the ones about increasing engagement. After all, social media is ever-changing, nothing stays the same. 


With that said, always keep yourself updated on the latest strategies and tips!

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