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As a mother who faces the challenges of eczema in her youngest child. I realize how different our children can be. It's such an amazing experience to see each child grow but at the same time present differences. And with that, I have to continuously learn many things in order to accommodate what sets them apart. That means experimenting with new products, setting aside time to observe them, and seeing what exactly they did individually.

To be honest, there was a time it was exhausting. But God was good and I was blessed to find out about Cetaphil. My favorite product is their Advanced Protection Cream which soothes my child's irritated skin gently and powerfully! 

And when they started to come out with the Cetaphil Radiance line, I knew I found. the perfect skincare for this nearing her forty's mother. 

And I won't be the veritableIlocana if I am not on the lookout for the best deals on any of these products. Because let's face it, the good ones do often come at a price. But thanks to Shopee I am able to enjoy all of these with my kids with their constant exclusive deals! Yes, you won't find deals like this easily... Only on Shopee. That is why I seriously advocate for the store. Don't you notice? Hahaha!

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Cetaphil Mom and Baby Sets: 

Night Comfort Cream: Brightens and evens skin tone without irritating or weakening the skin barrier, and is clinically proven to respect sensitive skin as it gradually and gently works to restore even luminous skin tone.

Baby Protection Cream: Intensely moisturizes dry and sensitive baby skin for instant relief from irritation and also helps reduce skin dryness and skin irritation, especially in sensitive areas.

If you're looking to help soothe your baby's skin, this is an extremely effective product that we keep it in our baby bag and our nightstand. The calendula is such an effective ingredient for rashes, redness, and dry skin. Sharkie has this occurring eczema at the back of her knees and when her skin needs rest from her ointment meds, we use this.

It's really a struggle and heart-breaking to see my child suffer from this skin condition but I'm glad that I am able to find the best products to help her with. If you're in the same boat, I suggest you give this to try. 

Brightening Lotion: Brightens and evens skin tone in 4 weeks without irritating or weakening the skin barrier, reveals skin's inner radiance and protects against dryness with 24-hour hydration.

There is something so good about a lotion from Cetaphil because you know it's all good but you see the results. You'd think that it's taking longer to get visible results, it isn't. LOOOVE the scent, the effects, and the gentleness it gives that I can cuddle with my baby because of this.

Baby Daily Lotion: Clinically proven to keep baby’s delicate skin hydrated for 24 hours and helps restore the skin’s natural barrier, softens, and soothes the skin.

This product I've proven many times over during the course of my firstborn but continue to use with my second child. Sharkie has really sensitive skin so I decided to use Cetaphil and experienced no reaction. I love that we use the same brand.

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Get bright and healthy radiant skin for you and your little ones with Cetaphil and enjoy discounts up to 20% off only Shopee's Brand Spotlight this May 1-5!

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