Start building up your credit score to get a better loan

A bad credit score is like a stalker that follows you everywhere you go and it always brings bad news at every turn. While you are trying to move up in your career and improve your lifestyle, your past mistakes and bad financial decisions will haunt you.

But repairing your bad credit score seems so labor-intensive and is it really worth it? 

Yes, everything is redeemable! When you're trying to put your life back in order, given the best opportunity to have a good life, the first thing to do is to atone for past mistakes. This is not a ten-step program. You don't have to go back to each and every creditor and knock on their door. It is not as involved as you might think... though you can take this route.

As with technology, everything is advanced nowadays and it even tailors to a work-from situation that is the norm. We were able to check on our credit score, bank standing with one of our banks, and even check out developments if we're viable for a loan!

Now that our family is trying to buy a new property for our growing family, I thought of the many ways we can improve our credit score to get a much favorable score and in turn get a much better offer on our loans.

Here's what we found out while investing in our credit score.

1. Banks do want to give us a loan!

Yes, we learned that our banks are offering good rates and timeline these days. Since we have successfully closed in on our amortization on one of our properties, the banks are just waiting for us to choose a property we want to purchase.

Knowing this made us feel hopeful. But we know that our financial behavior may affect our future loans and it may not be as favorable as it once was. We will be granted a loan for sure but it may contain higher interest rates because of our credit score.

2. Your Financial History is important.

We did close in on one of our loans but we still do have a few ones in existence. And unfortunately, we have both made a few bad financial decisions in our past. We are now trying to resolve this situation and you can do the same with yours. Financial behavior plays a huge part on your credit score and it affects your future financial plans.

This only made us more determined to work on getting a better credit score. By the looks of it after speaking with our bank, there is hope!

3. Pay off debts!

We have not missed on our current loans but past mistakes are haunting us like old credit card debts. Going back to each one of them can be painful to both time and money and I figured one way to consolidate all my current and past debts together and pay it off monthly. And the best way to do it is to start with the first debt that I feel I can pay off immediately!

SO if you are a credit card holder right now, use it wisely and make it work in your favor! When you’re a responsible credit card holder you have a better chance of getting a better credit score. Meaning, you are in good standing and have good behavior. An increasing credit limit is also a sign that financial institution trusts you.

4. Don't skip on the bills

Aside from loans, credit card behavior, financial institution will also look into your bills and how good you are at paying them. So they’ve looked into your past, they will also look into your present. How is your current financial standing. From incomes, possible revenues, and how you pay your bills especially if you’re on time. Are your bills are your name? Are you renting or owning a property? All this will be part and parcel of how big or low your interest rates will be.  

Your financial records will always be under a microscope! So never skip even on small bills. 

5. Don't forget to ask for help.

We're not experts and it's important to recognize your shortcomings. That's where I think reputable credit repair companies are a huge help these days. With such a busy household to manage and with a husband with two jobs, I like the idea of having to pay only one company for all of my debts. These companies have a better understanding of my situation, they can check off and make sure I am paying the right interests and give me the feedback I need to improve my credit score. They can also help dispute past credits and see if we are already being taken advantage of.

It seems like a tedious process but it really isn't. The most important thing here is to look at the brighter future of paying off your debts and improving your future financial records. I learned so much about debt consolidation and repairing our credit score here. It's concise material that makes it easy to remember and allows me to make mindful choices with our finances.

I learned this from my husband if there is something you aren't good at, hire someone who is. Don't waste your time and effort fixing something because the money you can always earn back, time and energy.. you can't.

So if you are looking into getting a loan, you will learn more here!

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