Some Pandemic Musings... You don't have to read.

Life of late is just a quick post of things I want to share. People have been hyper-focused on social media lately. From sharing their thoughts, the news, and judging. 

Lately, I noticed how intolerable people have been that I found it sad and some quite revolting. 

When the IATF released the news that kids can now visit malls and amusement parks, we saw an onslaught of parents bringing their kids to the mall. We were one of those parents. Naturally, there were those who didn't agree and their point is certainly valid. We know that the law isn't always encompassing but it is the law. There will be parents who think that since it's okay, they will do it. Legally, they can. No one can stop them. 

BUT of course, this started a lot of judgy posts on the feed. I admit I was a bit triggered. After all I did bring mine just a few days from the release of statements. But that didn't mean we licked the floors and hugged everybody, you know what I mean? We followed protocols to the point it took out a lot of fun from it. But we are aware that that was the price to pay for taking the kids. I guess deep inside we all have our reasons.

But if you're holier than thou telling people who you think broke a sacred law, telling them not to go to you and ask money if they get sick, and practice saying they'd be happy if they all die is a bit too much. Actually, it's downright evil. So shocked appalled when I read this. And people agreeing and echoing the comments left and right.

When have we desensitized ourselves? I know you all have reasons to feel that way but to actually have it written out loud, expressed in such a brutal, I still can't believe it. I know that they are times I am the same especially on people who have wronged me, but what have these people done to you? They are after all following the law. They followed the rules, the rules changed and that's that. We can't fault these parents for choosing to do this because the law allowed them to. They can get sick, their children can get sick, but that is still the same case that happens every single day! The rest of the world has moved on and we're still here still getting used to not wearing face shields. 

It feels like we can really descend into questionable moral righteousness with what we are doing and how intolerable we can be when people go against our beliefs. When was it right in any shape or form to wish people who go to the mall to die?

Not claiming I'm perfect but at the risk of being shunned on my own social media page, I decided to write it here instead. I know my thoughts aren't that coherent. Ultimately, I'm sad. So sad that people are content that we can't move forward.

IATF now has released a statement that children below 12 years of age are no longer allowed inside malls. Amusement centers like Kidzooona just recently opened many of their branches. At this point, we should simply sit tight and get to 0 before people can start feeling good about what everybody does. Because until this virus exists, people will just become a whole new kind of virus themselves. 

And yeah, that was sarcasm. Because even without the virus, people will still be.

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