Your Guide to a Basic Skin Lightening Regimen

Now that it's pandemic and I'm sure that taking care of your skin has taken the backseat, there are ways that you can tackle the dreaded hyperpgimentation that is usually the result of many skin problems. From post-acne marks to UV exposure to developing skin melasma. 

It seems that all we're left with is textured and uneven skin even after all that's been said and done. My youthful days may involve a lot of chemicals and my skincare regimen is ridden with acids. But lately, it's not been quite a priority for me. Rather, my focus has been on my health and how I can help my body repair itself since I know that what I put in is more important and will have more relevance to the things we are fighting right now.

But the thing is, our skin will benefit from it, too! My 3-step basic regimen is simple. 

Consult a dermatologist and consider it a discussion of what you need to know about your skin type.
Focus more on what you take in your body than what you apply to your skin.
ALWAYS wear sunscreen.

Easy, right? You don't see the cleanse, tone, moisture step, we'll get to that in another post. What I want to focus on is Step 2 which a lot of us forget and there's a reason, it is harder to control what we eat than that we swipe onto the skin. But know that this step has a better effect and longer effect even that will not only benefit our skin but our whole body.

Aside from eating healthy and focus on enriching my body with fruits and vegetables, I notice that drinking supplements to replenish lost nutrients in the body has changed my skin for the better. And with the recent addition of Pynocare, a scientifically proven skin supplement, has given my skin the improvement it needs.

And there's no reason for it not to work. The wonderful cocktail of Vitamin A, C, and E with Procyanidin gives the skin a powerful plethora of antioxidants to fight free radicals and lighten the skin. With procyanidin, the skin gets added help as it acts like sunscreen protecting the skin from within. Double the protection, the better it is for our skin, right?

I've been using Pynocare for weeks and have noticed how tamed my skin has become. It has no proven acne-healing properties but combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, my acne flare-ups have not been grave compared to months before. I also noticed that my acne marks have improved significantly to almost non-existent. After all, this is a proven treatment for melasma especially formulated for women of skin color. 

Pynocare has this #LetTheLightIn hashtag and I think it's the perfect slogan. The rich antioxidants do act as flashes of light that kills free radicals, inhibit the overproduction of melanin that the skin has no reason not to glow. And for women who have a lot of skin sensitivities, this is probably the safest skincare supplement that one can take with the assurance that it will really help the skin. 

Go ahead and #letthelightin. Your skin will surely thank you for it! Try Pynocare today!

Pynocare is an Over-the-counter drug and can be bought as most drugstores. It is sold Php1,395 per box or Php69.75 per capsule. It is recommended to drink this 2x daily with meals for at least 8x a week.

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