Binge-Worthy Netflix Series that will Stimulate the #MomBrain

I know there are a lot of shows on Netflix worthy of a mom’s time. So let me share with you some that I’ve watched the past few weeks that made this ECQ Season 2 easier to bear.

And no, no K-Dramas or cheesy mom movies. What I will be sharing with you are intense series and movie that would pique your minds. If you live a mom life similar to mine, our days can be filled with less and less mind-stimulating activities. My recos will definitely get your brain working and probably thinking of other things other than the daily menus, online schools, and your family’s endless to-do’s.

1. Outlander

If you’re a fan of Bridgerton then this show is a level up for you. With 5 seasons on Netflix, you can fill hours of your day watching the love grow between James Alexdander Malcolm Fraser and Claure Randall. Jaime is such an eye candy and if you’re a fan of romance novels, this literally a book coming to life. 

Claire is combat nurse in 1973 who time-travelled back in 17th century Scotland. She is met with a lot of challenges that befalls women in that time, adventure and romance-filled that would make you admire her courage, intelligence, and resiliency. 

I appreciate how times have changed and how much rights and respect women now have in this day even though we are still fighting almost all the same prejudices of a medieval time. 

It’s a love story but it is very rich in history and most of all, love and women empowerment.

2. The Bold Type

I didn’t realize how much I would like this series since I am far from the being a 25 year old career-driven woman that I used to be. Elbow-deep in motherhood, the show had me reminiscing my youth and how tough it was to navigate a world that isn’t really ready to accept a woman’s voice. But importantly how we shouldn’t let it stop us.

It is reminiscent of Sex and the City with less sex and more timely women issues. I like episodes on how 2 sided helping can be, how women can also abuse other women, the awareness of breast cancer, and pregnancy.

But amidst the much-needed female issues being disected in the series, it is fun, fashion-forward, and ultimately satisfying to watch. It made me miss seeing my girlfriends a lot though.

3. Thing Heard and Seen

Amanda Seyfried comes back on the screen with a suspence-thriller movie based on the book, All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage. Very far from her roles in Mama Mia and Mean Girls. The movie resolves around a bulimic mother and wife. She is was forced to move to a countryside with her professor husband. The house of which she moved in was filled with mystery. 

Be enthralled as she navigates the realm of the spirits and her relationship with her husband who,  finally, she is seeing for his true colors. A little bit of research made me understand the film. Take the advise from the director and watch it twice to see the things you will surely miss at the first round.

It’s eerie, poignant, and ultimately awakening.

4. Girl from Nowhere

A Thai TV series that resolves around a mysterious girl named, Nanno, who has a habit of moving to a school at the middle of school year to wreak havoc. Punishing pedophiles, testing the limits of greed, vanity, and such.

Is she good or bad? That’s what you have to answer for yourself as each episode turns gorier. 

The series, I learned is directed by different directors, tackling school issues that are actually happening in real life. Abusive teachers, bully classmates, and broken school system. You’ll never know which way a story ends. All we know is that Nanno will always be at the middle of it. You will either champion or hate her.

It’s a rollercoaster and that means it’s must-watch. Even if you try to turn your eyes away from the screen from time to time with how brutal this cute school girl can get.

5. Freud

I’m only halfway through this German series but it is already gripping. The series is obviously about about the famous - infamous in his time, Psychologist Sigmund Freud and his study of the human mind with a supernatural twist. 

He delves into a cult-like activity that is the reason for so many deaths in Vienna, Austria. While trying to prove his science, he meets beautiful yet mysterious medium under a care of an equally mysterious benefactors. Crimes are committed in the city and it seems that it all connects with her visions. 

Being a Psych graduate, I was of course intrigued with the take on the life of Freud and this series takes it to a Sherlock Holmes level. I’ve always enjoyed crime series and add to that the element of Psychology and supernatural, I am all eyes and ears. It has an English audio but since I haven’t watched a German film at all, I took this opportunity to get acquainted with the language.

I love films and series that mind-stimulating from time to time. So keep these suggestions in your line-up for days when you feel your #mombrain needs some rebalancing. I personally know a few mom friends who loved these series, too, and how it actually feels #selfcare to watch series that gripping, exciting, and energizing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom readers!! 

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