Saturdays has been really good for me and the whole family. I knew that when Claud went on vacation, we had to enroll her in some class. I just know her energy will jump all over the place without some activity that she can't spend time on and it would present a whole lot of trouble for me, a mom who had a baby to take care of.

I've been hearing of Ready Steady Go Kid Philippines for months now. I've seen a lot of celebrity moms and even blogger friends who went and raved about their programs. Since they were holding classes there weekly at Circulo Verde (we super love this location), we decided to give it go.

Ready Steady Go is definitely a physical program. It's like P.E. for kids wherein they do a lot of relays, sports-related activities and a lot of running and relays. It's looks daunting at first to see your little one do this much activity in an hour but then you'll notice as each class goes by, an hour is not enough!

When you go on their About page on their website, you'll learn that they are "Australia’s largest and most reputable multi-sport and exercise program for preschoolers (aged 2.5-7 years)." and that's amazing to me because like Oz, we are a predominantly a Summer country and it's  such a huge part of our children's lives. Having this kind of programme allows our kids to enjoy the sunny weather!

There are so many things that discovered about Claud ever since she started with Ready Steady Go.

1. She loves sports!

As the veritable kikay girl (thanks to Mommy's influence), I didn't think that Claud would love the physical aspect of RSGK! She loved the relays, shooting hoops, and she's really really a good runner!

2. She's competitive!

Learning more about your kids outside your comfort zone as parents is enlightening. As much as I try, certain situations show who my daughter is. And I was happy to see that being in a  sport-related environment allows her to feel she's okay to compete. RSGK is completely non-competitive but as kids, of course it's quite normal to see them best each other and still have fun.

3. We love seeing her discover how strong she is!

More than anything, what I love the most about RSGK is how it is teaching Claud that her small body can do more! It's such a simple thing but for a family like us that lives in small tight space, I feel like it's limiting Claud to know that her legs, her feet, her arms can do more. That her body can be as active as she wants and how strong she can be!

4. She has gained so much confidence

There's something different about your kids feeling they've accomplished soemthing in a non-competitive environment and at first I failed to see being predominantly raised in the traditional setting. But RSGK is such a good programme that they were able to balance this with really good coaches that encourages them and teaches them. Coach Sonny and Coach Pia really honed my child to explore sports and that her tiny body can hurdle leaps and bounds.

5. She's been easier to discipline

Because this programme has taken away a lot of screen time during the weekends. We usually stay behind or visit family after, Claud has been more in tuned to our conversations making it easier for us to talk to her more and it follows that she listens to us better. Claud is really a good girl to begin with but having something like this as a weekend activity allowed us to bond more with her.

6. She loves spending alone time with us.

Like I mentioned, it's such a great thing that we enrolled her to RSGK because this has become a time for me and the husband to give her the focus and the time. Having a baby at home can really be a distraction in rearing her and up and as parents, we do what we can to mke sure Claud doesn't feel left out but it could get hard. This time awy from the bay has been really good for our whole family.

7. Claud makes friends fast!

RSGK connects your children with other kids and that is always a good thing. Claud and Ynigo has become better friends because of them and I love how they seem to bond more with each class.

If you want to experience the same things I did with your children, I encourage you to enroll them now! Classes run all yer long! Do get the one with Coach Sonny, to us he's the best!

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