This Santa Video Make Me Cry


We all have jobs that require us to work on Holidays and it really often hurts to know that we leave loved ones behind. How I wish this isn't the course of life. But like my husband always tell me, we have to deal with the things handed to us. Christmas, di ba, is in our hearts?

This video tugs at the heartstrings coz it reminds me of my husband who is a super hardworker. I make sure he has his B12 vitamins for nerve so even if he's typing all day and night on his computer, he is prtected. I also make sure he has the best shaver out there coz he loves shaping his beard.

We all have our "heroes" those who work tirelessly even during the holidays, who sacrifice theri time, their energy into serving us. They are all around us. From our dear security guard, to our yaya, servers and more. And though they don't get to spend this very important holiday, we can always try to cheer them up by giving them something nice. To show our appreciation and love. And yes, even small, it's always the thoughts that counts.

Leading health & beauty retailer, Watsons, recently released a video about different Santas, dedicated to all the other “heroes” and people who give and give more than they should.

The heart-tugging video ( reminds them, with all their hard work and dedication serving other people, they also deserve to be treated especially during this season – with the gift of time or anything that can improve their health, wellness or appearance.  It reminds them that although their loved ones and all the people they serve are important, it’s also important to take care of themselves, to look good, feel great; so they have more energy, capacity and confidence to continue taking care of other people.  

So true. So true! We love you, Santa!

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