#MAKEUPFORMUMSHIES | Barely There Makeup

This was my #FOTD a few weeks ago.

I’m living a no foundation life lately. Often, there’s no time at all to do my makeup so this is my no frills look that is ideal for mommies like me or those who don't want to clutter their vanities with too much makeup. Can you believe this takes only 3 minutes to do?

Let's get right to it!

Step 1: Groom thy Brows

I usually do my brow first because it instantly frames the face, so even if I get disturbed in the middle of my routine by a crying baby, I know I already have a face worth walking out the door with. Mascaras are the best for me in grooming my brows since I already enjoy a tattooed brows! Benefit's Gimme Brow No. 3 is the perfect match. A little brush up of this and I'm good to go!

Step 2: Color thy cheeks

Contrary to other techniques, I prefer to put on the blush after the brows and before the concealer for the same reason stated on step 1. Exception though if you have dark undereyes, then by all means apply your under eye concealer first. 

I use Puff Puff Blush Tint by @cloudcosmetics.ph for the natural flush shade. My skin reddens naturally during the day so without foundation, I don’t need that much blush.

Step 3: Cover up the evidence

I do this the middle of my routine because I currently have clear skin and my main concern at this point is the puffy undereyes. So I apply a thin layer of concealer just to male everything look even. What i really do is I overcompensate on the eye cream since there is really no covering puffy bags.

Looking for an affordable brand? Go for Cloud Cosmetics' Pillow Creme Poudre in No.1 for undereyes and No. 2 for blemishes. No need for brush to blend coz you can use your fingers. It's that easy to blend this product in.

Step 4: GLOW for days

You’d think applying highlighter is over the top for such a look but I realize, it’s exactly the thing a look like this needs. A liquid highlighter works best for this because it adjeres on to the skin better. I chose Happy Skin’s Yes, I Dew. It give the most natural subtle glow. This is such an underrated product from Happy Skin but I think this is one of the best buys there. Truly a hihglighter that doesn't require a learning curve. Click. Dot. Spread. That's it!

This step is optional! But then, highlighting is such a trend today.

STEP 4: Tint on the lips

TIP: Just in case you have to go before you get to your lips, biting it would instantly give your lips color. This used to be my quicky move in college.

I looove tints lately. If you were able to get a hold of Laneige Lip Serums, those are amazing. Or better yet, surge on @makeupforeverphilippines lip artist bloom. These are lip colors that are balmy yet gives color. You don’t have to worry about them throughout the day, and just reapply if you need to.

For this look though, I use just a little bit of Cloud Water Tint from #CloudCosmetics again. I like the feel of this tint. It feels very moisturizing. Actually, there are a lot of Pinoy makeup brands na maganda talaga ang formulation ng tint. So kuddos to Cloud for creating this!

If you are truly pressed for time or someone who don’t like to pack on a lot of products, tint lang okay ka na!

You can certainly skip the foundation if feel like it. Especially if you're like me who finally is enjoying an almost blemish-free skin. Also when you have a baby, you would really want to cut down on makeup products to avoid it getting in contact with your baby's skin. Oil control film will be your best friend if you have oily skin.


Curl your lashes! Even without mascara, you can brighten up your look easily just by curling the lashes. And if you want, you can even perm it once or twice a month so you don't have to think about it when doing your makeup. The cheapest eyelash perm I got was from Let's Face It but there are so many brow and lash salons now that offer this service.

Photo above was how my makeup looked like after eating and dancing. Pwede na di ba?

So there you have it! More posts coming up for sure.

Leaving you with this photo of me and baby Sharkie! You'll meet her soon here!

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