You're My Mandy

I wrote Miranda Bailey’s last few lines on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, (Don’t Fear), The Reaper. I started journaling and this one is my first entry.
As usual, this show seems to resound some of the things that are happening in my life. Most of which was dealing with a sickness. I related so much to it because my mom was as overprotective as hers. And hearing the words, “You’re my Mandy.” meant the world to me. That even with so many things going on and how scary this life gets, I know my mom believes that I’m going to be okay. Even if she is no longer here to say it.
One of the things that keeps me glued on this show is how they always tackle modern women’s issues especially on health. I’ve been binged watching this show for a month now and I never tire learning something new every time. Hearing the song of Kesha, Praying, in the background brought me to tears. 😭😭

Going back to the monologue, it reminded me of our discussion yesterday with my friends. It’s reflecting on your life and how we let people affect it. We know as it is that life is hard, especially for women, but how do we make ours count? How do we truly let go of people who continue to hold us down?
Are we really doing what we love or are we just really doing what we do for the sake that we get through the day? I want to live a fuller life but everyday seems like a battle more than anything else.

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