Happy NEW YOU inside and out with Watson's NEW YEAR celebration!

No better day to start than today.

If you're like me who is not one for New Year's resolution, I get you. You probably hate disappointement as much as much as I am. But if there are a lot of things worth changing for, why not give it a shot. Nothing to lose! Either we end up being a better version of who we used to be or that our old self didn't really need that much change at all.

One thing is for sure though, with every New Year there is always something great to try! From makeup to skincare and even new adventures. This does not require a lot of changing on our part but we leave knowing more, knowing better and often we end up looking much better than we used to.

When Watsons asked us to post photo from 2012 and 2017, I took notice how much both years played a new part in my life. I wasn't necessarily resenting of either both years. I am actually a little proud of both. Year 2012 and 2017 were great years that taught me a lot of things. And if there's one thing I wish for 2018, is that it be the same as the years before it. That it be a year of discovery and rediscovery. To be able to see my true beauty, inside and out. For me to learn something, be it a hard lesson to learn or one that I would enjoy. I want this year to matter. For if anything that all these years have thought me is that I matter. In the eyes of the Lord and the eyes of the family that I have now.

And what better way to start it with a simple rip to our favorite Watsons store! After a new tight bod? aside from hitting a the gym and eating healthy, try one of the many things that are available to help with losing the Holiday pounds. I looove Organique Acai Berry juice with my Watsons Generic Vitamin C with Collagen. Right before getting pregnant, I was enjoying Kilo Off and taking Cosmo Body to trim my waistline. If slimming is not a goal, healthy way to go is getting your fiber on and Watson's got a whole bunch of them, They even have super foods like moringa, cacao nibs and chia seeds!

Coco Chanel did say that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life so getting a great color is always a good idea. I've always colored treated my hair on my own and with what's available, it's easier now! Go for Liese and L'Oreal Excellence for premium drugstore choice. Their color selection are on trend and you won't have a hard time applying them or doing them by yourself. Note: Buy 2-3 boxes if your hair is long and thick like mine. I would usually use up two boxes when I had medium length hair.

For the easiest way to change your look, consider changing a lipstick, trying out a new blush or finally nailing that contour. BYS is a one-stop-shop of everything trendy on the makeup department, they have a handful of lipsticks to choose from, a contour trio and trio blush! They also have a new foundation coming out to cater to all skin color. Best of all, they are coming out with brow product that will certifiably make your brows #onfleek

But if you're one to not use makeup or change your hair color, a skincare revamp is also a great thing to change! try out new skin care out there like Pond's Age Miracle, Olay Regenrist and my favorite, Belo Collagen Drink!

I also learn ed so much from the guest experts for the event. Jake Galvez, celebrity make-up artist  showed how versatile the BYS trios are and how gloss is gonna be hit this year! It was also ou chance to catch up since it's been awhile since we last chatted. Aries recommend Human Nature for moms with falling hair! Organic is the best way to go when it comes to breastfeeding. Also best to use a deep containing treatment to avoid hair getting dry.

When it comes to skin, one of the most innovative things I saw at the event is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask. The mask uses light technology to rejuvenate and lighten the skin overtime.

SNOW Crystal White Tomato proves to be an effective skin whitener with its premium ingredients!

No budget for expensive hair treatments? Pantene always comes is always ready to rescue the hair for those of us who prefer to do it DIY.

But of course, I only don't encourage you to try out something new and have a Happy NEW YOU on the outside but also on the inside! And one of the things that made an impact was made by Dr. Hayden Kho when he shared his journey through self-transformation and his steps are inspiring!

1. Humility - everything comes from and by the Grace of God. Nothing you think you have you deserve. It's all from God's blessings. All your accomplishments are made possible only by Him.

2. Spirituality - believing in God is not enough is you don't practice and focus on Jesus.

3. Faith - having faith means walking by faith. We go back to the fact that everything is from Lord Jesus and so in time we have nothing, we have our faith in the Lord to save us.

4. Worship - to shout with all your heart and to be present at His celebrations.

I'd like to think I'm faithful but I have a long way to go in practicing my faith. Last year was difficult for me. I had a hard time dealing with something the Lord had given me and it tested my faith. I'd like to improve on that this year. But if there's anything God loves to do is always proving me wrong. Just this year, he has gifted me with a new phone that I won at the Watsons Happy New You event! Look how generous He is and how wonderful that He knows our heart's desires even the littlest things like phones. What more on the bigger things that matter? Like delivering a child safely, being healthy, longer life to spend with our family and being god at what we do. Everything comes from the Lord. Isn't that enough to make you believe that 2018 is going to be a fantastic year?

Add to that that Watsons is giving away ONE MILLION SMAC Points to one lucky winner with a minimum purchase of P500 of the participating brands of their Happy New You Promo!

So, what's a Happy NEW You this year?

Let me know in the comment section below!

All the love and light,


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