Philam Life Vitality Active EXPO + Video

2017 is the year to be fit and healthy!

If there's anything this year has taught me, it's that 2017 is reawakening of how I see beauty in terms of health and fitness. I was diagnosed with hypertension earlier this year and the drastic change I've made saved me. But like everyone else, I do have some struggles so I'm quite glad that there are a lot of ways out there to give us a helping hand  in coping with the challenges.

I shared with you my thoughts about the Philam Vitality Active APP and this month they are moving it further to reach more Filipinos and encourage to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle with this innovative app, exclusive only to Philam Life.

And who better to help motivate us than Nico Bolzico, Solenn Heausaff and Mond Guiterrez. All of them are #FitnessGoals and truly inspiring. I love that they don't make a fit life too daunting but yes, it does entail a lot of dedication of hard work. 

But if you et to lose that fatty weight off and that you continue to feel good and better about yourself, then all those sweat and tears are worth it!

The Phialm Vitality Active Expo allowed many of the people shopping at Glorietta experience what the app can offer. Free consultation for what kind of insurance fits your budget and lifestyle, there's the mini workout and activity area that rewards you with prizes for achieving goals and getting acquainted with a lot of the brands that Philam Life is in partnership with to give you a taste of what you can get once you sign up.

Just like on the app, you need to get all your measurements to find out where you stand and allow you to set your goals properly.

My results showed that I have a normal BMI but I have high fat consent. No surprise there because I do know that my first few steps in becoming healthy still has a looong way to go. What's important is that we don't stop!

Sine I don't live an active life, I took this event as a chance to try it out and it was fun! Dis some body twists and some squats. :)

This activity right here was extra fun because you can try the threadmill and after a few minutes achieving a certain goal, the fridge will open and give you a drink!

I finally got a chance to talk to gy manager and he explained to me the benefits of going to a gym. So I'm looking forward to that.

I can't say enough what motivation owning a pedometer watch it. And for me Garmin is the top of the line and you must get one if the budget allows.

Skechers, Merrels and other active lifestyle brands are paired with Philam Life Vitality Active app so better sign up to get some dscoutns on these babies.

And yup! It includes beauty, too because a Vitality Active life is a full-circle life! The Body Shop give you awesome freebies. And the don't forget to sign up against animal-testing when you pass by their store.

I'm just glad that I don't feel so alone int his journey and that I have so many friends doing the same thing as I do and that truly keeps me going!

Philam Vitality s available in iOS and Adroid phones. It's free for download, all you have to do is sign up and start your journey to a healthier fitter life!

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