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If you are reading this blog post and you are at your healthiest, then by all means feel free to click the x box and move along. But I'm sure that most of you feel doubtful when it comes to your health and you will likely read up on this post because it may actually entice you get off your chair or bed.

I've spoken about my current health situation in my previous post and at this point, I am just trying everything that will motivate me to work out. Even my goals to get on the mat lately have lessened to zero. It is just that hard. Given as well that the current nutrition situation in most restaurants in the country leaves you only with two choices, fried and sweet. There is so much work to be done! And like I mentioned, you need a lot of support.

And if you're like me, you'll get it any way you can. Quite recently, I got mine from Philam Vitality App. This is a great app that rewards good healthy choices. From eating right, to walking that literal extra mile, to even meditating. With every accomplished goal, you will get either a free passes to SM Cinema, SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum.

Signing up is easy. Download the App Philam Vitality (available in Playstore and AppStore). Fill in the deets that will be required. Confirm your e-mail address and you can start your Vitality journey!

Compute for your Vitality Age

Your Vitality Age means your age as you live your life through your everyday choices. It will ask for your weight, height and waist circumference. It will also ask if you are active and if you do it frequently. Check the appropriate box for your eating habits and if you're a smoker and drinker. These are the things that will determine if you are living up to your real age or you are declining and aging faster. Naturally if your choices lean on the negative, your Vitality Age increases. So it's a nice way to gauge where youa re now in your life.

This one got to me because of my recent health scare that showed how poor decision in my health can lead to devasting results. It's a good thing that I started my course in leading a healthier lifestyle. I am currently a year older in my Vitality Age than my real one so I didn't feel that bad. I am technically 34 this year. But nonetheless, I feel it a challenge to lower it down and make a real good change.

Team Up!

Support is vital when you are changing your life! You really can't do it alone and you have to team up with people who have the same goals as you do! Philam Vitality App makes this all the more enjoyable by enlisting two of the Philippine's best Volleyball players, Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes, as Philam Vitality Active’s ambassadors to create two teams we can join in!

Team #ActiveAlyssa and Team #ActiveMika. Be part of either team by typing ActiveAlyssa or ActiveMika on the promotional code when you sign up! If you're goal s to be fit and active then you have the same ones with Mika and Alyssa! Be part of their teams and start earning rewards!

It's really nice that there brands out there that really look out for us and encourages us to make better choices. Especially if you are met with doubters and haters who only want to pull you down and make you feel bad. Don't. Message me, talk to me and download this app to give you motivation! After all, who is not up for challenge if you can win prizes, right?

Sync your other devices and app with Philam Vitality App

I'm always on a look out for anything that will boost our confidence, help with our wellness and encourage us to be more active. If you know of more apps that does this, let me know. Let's share it to the world and make more people happy people!

As the wise words of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde,

Hihi! Hope I got you motivated today! Happy Exercising!

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  1. This is a nice post, ate Shen :) Actually, I just started my workout routine last month. I'll try to download this app, this might give me some motivation haha :D


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