Get Ready with the Tissue, Ladies | What Is the Good DAD?

Seeing this video couldn't be more timely since a recent blog post and here they are only dealing with what fever. Thank God for paracetamol! Actually, I currently have fever and still functional just because of Biogesic.

I was already crying halfway coz I knew already that the mom was sick. No mother in her right mind  would leave the house in disarray if she was having a girl's day out or on vacation. If we could plan getting sick, we would. But moms are only human and even with tons of supplements and medicines available at our disposal, there is nothing like the support of a Good Dad.

When we married, it is really means in sickness and health. Take that to heart even if you're not married. Though I love my domestic roles as a wife and mother, it would be so reassuring that my husband can take care of our family when I can't. My husband doesn't cook but I know that if backed into a corner he will. He will try and I believe he will succeed. 

When we learned I had hypertension and high cholesterol, Ron immediately took reigns and told me to stop what ever I was doing. He even enrolled me in Yoga class and bought the necessary meds. He encouraged me to attend seminars that would improve how I feel (Mindful Mom Retreats). And that made me feel better. And that made me look forward to my roles!

We are grateful to have a family that is a loyal Unilab user. I interned for the brand in college and was even offered a position, my Lolo Uncle used to be a division head for RiteMed and sister-in-law worked there for several years before she migrated to the US. Our family is built with Unilab principles.

But I have to give it to my mother who taught me to be prepared so I make sure that our household has enough stocks of OTC meds. Now that Claud is 3 years old, we make sure she take Ceelin and Nutrilin especially that she's our playing with other kids outside our home. Ron relies on Enervon for that extra boost to get to his second job. While I make sure we always have Dolfenal and Biogesic at home for times our body just wants to rest. I can't tell you how many times Dolfenal has helped me get to the next meeting, finish a report and meet a deadline.

This video. It's our family.

Everyone of us. Our culture may be built with having helpers and husbands that doesn't do chores but Filipinos are passionate at treating each other well. Lending a hand to the one who needs it. In stepping up no matter how much taking over scares us. We are that kind of people. Bayanihan all the way...

I felt good about this video. My past may tell a different sad story but I'm blessed my present and future will be exactly like this video. Mom and Dad helping each other, appreciating each other. Kids happy and loving their parents.

And I wish the same for all of you!

And if you got to the end of this post without watching the video, please watch it!

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