Summer Must-Haves | Carrier SlimPac Series Klarwind and XPower 2

In less than 3 years, we will be done paying for our first condominium unit. We definitely rushed buying it and so we didn't think through the design and how to properly maximize the small space for our future needs. Currently, I find my home a big ball of mess and nothing matches.

I learned so much during The Carrier Experience where we were introduced to the new Carrier SlimPac Series that features modern, sleek stand-up units. We also learned a lot of tips and tricks in designing our homes and it seems like mine is not a lost caused. One that I focused on was how to give our home the best thermal comfort despite the size. It will surely be one of my products that minute our budget allows it. For now, I will take in all the great learnings from the experts I meet and write about it here.

Michelle Al
Michelle Alignay, psychologist and guidance counselor, provided us with a lot of insights on her ways of achieving a sense of personal well-being. One that struck me most - it made me feel like I'm an aircon myself actually  -  is that she said, "You are responsible to the energy you bring in to this space." It remind me that I can always control how I react to things happening around me. That I need to take steps to make things simpler for me, to get some time off when even when it's not necessary. I have to take care of me because ultimately, me is big chuck that makes the whole that is my family.

And speaking of air conditioning. Please allow me to introduce to you the new Carrier SlimPac Series. We learned a lot from the people of Carrier that day and I felt more at ease with giving them my money come the time we'll replaced our old ones. The continued innovation, better training for services and promise of energy-saving units really made me want to sign a check that day.

Carrier has been in this business for 50 years and the name alone is synonyous to better quality and better brand. Think iPhone for celphones of Bentley for cars. I've never met anyone who didn't think Carrier is a sosyal brand for air-con. So I was happy to meet their new babies!

Trivia: It is advisable to replace your aircon every 5 years. If we can for our phones then why not for our aircon, right?

So if you're aircon needs replacing then I suggest the Slimpac Series X Power 2 and Klarwind from XPower 2 from Carrier.

I could just imagine Klarwind in our living room especially this Summer when it could get specially hotter. Is it just me or does living in a condo during Summer feels like I'm in a microwave oven? Our aircon is currently on almost all night and half the day! I have to talk to the husband and replace our airconditioning units as soon as we can.


It's a no-brainer for a beauty addict like me to associate Klarwind to a lipstick tube and this will be it's main selling point if you ask me. In function, it boasts of a 270 degrees swivel head that surely looks good in any home of establishments. With it's rotating head cools the room quicker and has far better reach than your regular units.

Design was one of the main things I learned during our event and the Klarwind is sleek and sexy that it fits a modern room. I prefer my space to be minimalist, less clutter with more floor space so this really fits well with my aesthetics.

Other great things about Klarwind:

  • Low Electricity Consumption - EER 18.0
  • Wider Cooling Reach - great for commercial spaces
  • 3-Step Filter System with anti-bacterial, electrostatic and carbon filters
  • helps cool room quickly
  • sleep mode
  • power saving eco
  • dry function
  • auto mode sets cooling or fan-only operation
  • full aluminium condenser foil for better thermal performance and heat transfer

I can't imagine how hot it will get in the next few years so air-con placements will be the No. 1 on my list when I start designing our home.

X Power 2

For bigger homes, you can get the X Power 2. A perfectly stylish unit softer lines and soon, different colors (black I heard is going to be available) so you can definitely match it to your home decor and color. But the best feature of XPOWER 2 is that in In 6 minutes XPOWER 2 can cool a room with a 20 meter distance! It really deserves it monicker! Powerful indeed!

Jenni Person shared that comfort is priority for him and her husband. "(X Power 2) cools larger spaces faster and the auto-shutter feature allows us and our guests to breathe and cool air.", she further said.

I couldn't help but I agree because the weather is getting hotter by the minute!

other note-worthy features of XPOWER 2:

  • Low electricity consumption - EER 17.7 max
  • Provides cool and clean air with unique Auto Shutter design preventing dirt and dust fromgetting inside the vent.
  • sleep mode
  • power saving eco
  • dry function
  • auto mode sets cooling or fan-only operation
  • full aluminium condenser foil for better thermal performance and heat transfer

One thing is sure, the NEW Klarwind and XPower 2 are definitely better at their cooling game - meaning they are more efficient at cooling your space in less amount of time. They are more advanced and can determine tempatures in the room which make them more cost-efficient. Jennie Epperson share her testimony with her own Slimpac Series and she shared that her electricity bill did not show significant change since she had them installed.

And right now, I need my air-conditioner 24/7 because this Summer heat is killing me! Gotta have an air conditioning upgrade stat!

Had a lovely time with fellow #BadMomshies Misty Mom, Go Jackie GO and Sarah Tirona!

I just have to say that the past weeks since attending this event was a revelation. I want to share this journey with you soon so please stand-by. My life has completely changed and it has been for the better. Let's just say I feel like a new model right now very much like Klarwind and XPOWER 2. I am still me, cheerful and crazy, but better...

Please don't get tired reading about my recommendations and stories!

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