Get Your Brows Waxed at Benefit this May!

I can tell you now that if you've been holding off getting a wax, you're in for an altruistic treat. You are not only buying yourself a #BrowsOnFleek, you are buying a child's great future!

In May, every peso you pay for a BROW WAX SERVICES goes to MANO AMIGA ACADEMY as part of the newly launched Bold is Beautiful Project of Benefit! Now that my toddler is about to go to school, I can't tell you enough how important it is to provide an education to every child. It's unimagineable how many kids out there who don't have acess to good eduction. 

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines finally joined the brand's global effort, BOLD is BEAUTIFUL PROJECT. This vision is "to affect hange in the world by creating LONG LASTING, postivive change in the lives of women and girls around the world." 

What is Bold is Beautiful Project extra special?

  • Beneficiary of this project goes to our country hosting this project. That means our own money is going to people who needs it the most here in our community.
  • Benefit chooses charitable institution that focuses on educationa nd women empowerment!
  • Bold is Beautiful aims to be sustainable in order to provide a more significant aid to their chosen foundation.
  • 100% of the proceeds is given to the institution. A WHOLE MONTH'S WORTH of Brow Waxing Services!

Why Brow Waxing Services?

Benefit have clearly established itself as an expert with their decades of knowledge in shaping brows. They have a whole line devoted to it. They do not only provide HIGH-QUALITY Brow waxing services worldwide and they also help women to maintain their good-looking brows. This gives millions of women not only an instant boost everytime they get off one of those fancy white chair but the confidence that they can recreate it themselves. It is very much like the vision of Bold Is Beautiful, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT full circle.

So don't get those brows waxed just wait, wait a few days more and make it worth your while. Make your heart full and be part of the Benefit BOLD is BEAUTIUL Project. Rally up the girls and boys next week! Hope to see you at Benefit counters!

Annie Ford-Danielson flew to our tropical country just to share with us the great new of Philippines becoming a part of Bold is Beautiful Project.

Lynn Pinugu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Mano Maniga Academy shared with us the roots of Mano Amiga and how overwhelming their small beginnings were. It was tear-jerking and amazing how big the hearts of the people behind Mano Amiga to freely give their skills and hard-earned money to change the lives of thousands of kids. 

It's not a Benefit event if it doesn't include enterntainment.

The whole Benefit Team! This has got to be most heart-warming event these girls have put out!

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