Annam Noodle Bar Opens at Resorts World Manila

I couldn't pass up the chance to go to Annam Noodle Bar's newest location at Resorts World Manila. So far they are the only Vietnamese fusion restaurant that I'm loving and they have new things I really want to try. You know me, I'm not adventurous with food so I stick to what I know or listen to the experts.

But apparently and quite refreshingly, the experts are listening to us. Annam, for months, started to work on a menu that is exclusively for Filipinox. During the opening of their latest branch, their Fragrant Rice menu was also launched.

Annam learned how important rice is in our culture but they just didn't want to put out anything ordinary. Chef Nam being who he is and how meticulous and precise he is with his every move ensure that these new dishes will bring something new table... pun intended. And so what did he do? He made fragrant rice. Instead of the usual "sinaing", he cooked these rice deliciously in coconut water and it tastes fantastic! With the crunchy fried viands you can choose from, everything melds together like music in your mouth.
This may not be something new to many but I was happily surprised with these dishes. 

My favorite would be the Sauteed Pork Belly with Prawns. So bad for my diet but I need this in my life! 

Annam Noodle Bar listened to its customers and they pretty made sure that the new things on the menu will be striking and a lot tastier.

I'm in love with the Pomelo Salad.

Pomelo salad, prawns, chicken, assorted crackers - 250

A whole table of new offerings from Annam are now available at their two locations, Resorts World and Eastwood City.

Their refreshing drinks are ripe for the Summer heat.

Bah Mi made into the top of many of my blogger friends. I'm not a fan really but that's just me. I don't even like hamburgers. 

Twice cooked Australian beef brisket, fried egg - 250

But this beautiful creation called Bahn Hao Buns with Caramelized Pork Belly is a whole new ball game. Okay.. getting hungier by the minute as I write... thank God Annam is open til late!

Bánh báo buns, caramelised pork belly, egg, cucumber, scallion -250

Snack time!
Selection of Viet street snacks, nước chấm - 280

Who ever said that Vietnamese cusine consists only of veggies havent' met this beautiful glass of ice cream sundae.
Saigon Sally sundae - 200

Annam Noodle Bar got better with their new menu. The added fragrant rice meals is a surefire way to more Pinoys to try their take on our rice breakfast meals. This makeover gives us another reason to hit up Annam and enjoy another gastronomic feast - Viet fusion style.

Visit Annam at the seond floor of Resorts World (beside Casino entrance) or Eastwood City.

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