SkinCell's Cutera Titan XL Face Contouring and Genesis Laser Procedure | With Video

Feeling conscious of your double chin and saggy jowls? I may just have the answer for you. Nay! I have exactly the answer!

SkinCell Advanced Aesthetics Clinic is one of the major reasons behind my clear skin. The 3 rounds of Black Diamond and Fractional did amazing things to my skin that it’s virtually pimple-free. That's why it wasn't a difficult choice to make to go back again and try a new procedure that will target another skin concern of mine. This time around, I tried their latest contouring procedure set to launch this February. 

SkinCell made me try Cutera TITAN XL Contouring Treatment, a popular laser procedure in the US and it made me a believer that anything is possible now. Instant results, I tell yah!

What is TITAN XL exactly? 

Cutera Titan XL is a US-FDA Approved non-invasive laser procedure that emits infrared light to stimulate collagen on the deeper layers on the skin. As we all know, the more we age, the less our body creates collagen making us prone to saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Titan is aimed mainly to reduce the appearance of sagginess on the jaw area. It can be used all over the face, including neck and jawline. 

Titan also do not discriminate anyone from getting this treatment. All types of skin, color and age can get this treatment as long as it’s recommended for your current skin condition.

The Procedure

A cooling gel will be applied in sections on to the skin. But first, the aesthetician and doctor will study your face to know which areas needs specific targets. Mine is the right side of my face so they took more time contouring it compared to the left side. 

Right side took about 10-12 minutes
Left side took about 8-10 minutes

I also availed their Genesis Laser treatment. SkinCell will package these two procedures as it compliments each other. Genesis specifically helps with tightening the pores, removing facial hairs and helps lessen fine lines and wrinkles.

These procedures took about 45 minutes to finish. I think I spent more time in traffic than I did in the clinic. LOL!

Pain: 0.5/5

Cutera Titan is non-invasive and virtually painless. You’ll feel a warm sensation the moment the light/laser hits your skin but it very comfortable and tolerable. The only time I felt a slight discomfort was when they targetted my jawline. The skin there is thinner and softer so I guess that’s the reason why. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind going 3-4 rounds of Titan again.


In my experience, there was little to no redness. No swollen parts that made me rethink my schedule for the rest of the day. I was able to go out with the husband and I was even told I could put on makeup. But I was so happy with the result that I went ahead and left my face bare the rest of the evening.

INSTANT Results!

Post procedure photo. The results is uncanny! A more contoured jawline!

This is my state of my skin on my way home. No redness at all! You can even apply makeup if you want to.

Before Cutera Titan XL Procedure

Not my most pleasing photo but I'm quite thrilled to be able to compare it and I can't believe that a 45-minute procedure can really give me that V-contour!

Day 2 Post Titan XL procedure

My skin feels more firm and at the same soft and supple. There's still that bulge but it's not as prominent as it was before. I think 2 - 3 more rounds of Titan XL will truly make a more significant result but right now, I'm already happy with just this one session.

Here's the video if you're curious to see how the procedure is done. 

Take advantage of this treatment here, I heard that these are priced in several thousands of dollars in other countries while it only costs a fraction here at SkinCell.

Of course, I would still recommend you visit SkinCell for consultation first before getting anything done. For more information, visit their facebook page

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