#WTF! Vanity TAX in the PHILIPPINES?

"Ang lipstick P300, dagdagan mo ng P30. Siguro naman ang isang taong nagli-lipstick ay di naman magiging pabigat ang P30 sa kaniya, para sa isang lipstick. O ang makeup, dagdagan mo ng 10 porsiyento, di rin pabigat. Kung talagang mabigat na 'wag ka na mag-makeup, mabubuhay ka naman," Batocabe said. - Quote from GMA NETWORK NEWS interview with Hon. Rodel Batocabe regarding Vanity Tax Act

Let's take time to let that quote sit for a while.

With a three-term as Ako Bicol Party-List Representative, I would think that his answer to the reporter's query would be more eloquent compared to the misogynistic quotation above. Am I right? Or Am I right?

Clearly, Rep. Batocabe was not briefed properly with possible questions regarding his "Proposed" Act to impose Vanity Tax on beauty products and beauty services. To think that most of these people live the fast and luxurious life, nakakainis lang.

Oo na. Affected ako because beauty is majority of my life and my world practically resolves around it.

For now, at face value, Vanity Tax Act looks to be brain-child of someone with too much time on their hands trying to look like they know what they are doing. Sadly beauty is a world that one can't just dip their fingers into. It has far evolved into what you know from their kopong-kopong years.

He clearly do not know what he was talking about when he suggested this "better alternative."

I tried searching for the text of this proposed Vanity Tax Act but I can't find anything online. I did find the ones he co-wrote and the ones he penned. IN ALL FAIRNESS, okay naman ung iba so that leaves in a perpetual 😤😤😤😤😤😤 because!! Our hard-earned taumbayan money was wasted into thinking Vanity TAX is a good idea! #WTF 

Well, it's our fault anyway for not being vigilant with our votes and allowing these people THREE TERMS in our government simply signing things that would look good on their wikipedia. #Juicecolored

But for the purpose of education, here are some points why most of us think the government efforts are "better" left in other things and for them leave the beauty industry ALONE.. at the very least, for the meantime, until you get your ACT together.

1. Beauty is a growing economy.

I've been writing about beauty for more than a decade and I can say that it is flourishing all over the world. It's a mecca of opportunities. It creates jobs and provide growth in career especially for women.

Instead of unnecessarily taxing this industry, why not look into how the governement can expand this growth further in our country so they can provide more opportunities for women (and men, maybe YOU!) and help in widening the pool of tax payers with the jobs it could create. Sakin lang naman to.

But as much as it is floruishing, it is signifigcantly having a hard time! As it is, the Philippines is such a bad country to invest in with foreign brands leaving left and right the past year!

Study the market, the growth... I'd rather you use our tax money on this. I'll support 100%!

2. VANITY TAX is discriminatory against WOMEN and LOWER INCOME Majority

If you are unaware, feminine products are already more expensive than men's considering some of them are actually the same (Ex. shampoo, conditioner, soaps, lotions, creams, shaving creams etc.) Dun pa lang may discrimination na.... and yet you still want to impose an additional 30% tax on women-focused products? How sexist can you get?

The mere fact that you would think that P30 is not that much clearly shows what a good life you are living! P30 is already a cost of lipstick for some of the women in this country tirelessly working and still try to look good in front of the people they work for. That P30 can go along way in transportation, in meals and even in providing a little extra for their children.

Also, not all women who wear makeup does it for vanity! Some of it are used for their livelihood. Look at your people for God's sake? They dress, they look good and improve their appearance for your sake! We deserve far better than this "better alternative".

And for you think that we can't live without a makeup??? How dare you? Who made YOU GOD all of a sudden to judge us????! 2017 na po. Pacheck lang ng kalendaryo. Baka di pa update ang mga iPhone 7 niyo.

3. VANITY TAX on beauty services is VAGUE

Beauty treatments are called such mostly for marketing purposes. Many of these services are still medical in nature. Meaning it will require a licensed physician who are already taxed for being able to do this exact produces!! Redundant much? How well can you determine what is medical in nature and what is not based on your proposed Act? How can you mend loopholes in the future???

For example, Lipo can be considered as medical procedure in nature if a person is overweight with diabetes and heart problems. Meaning some of these "aesthetic" procedures are needed to help provide a decent way of life for these people and even prevent life threatening problems. Would laser be considered vanity if this is for the purpose of treatment for someone who has a major car accident and needed skin reconditioning? Even Acne are known to be a skin problems! Anu pa ang Rosacea and Melasma?

4. VANITY TAX will breed counterfeit markets

Again, the law of supply and demand will surface once regular items that  used to be a fraction of a cost would inflate significantly. People from the low income margin will resort to buying fake makeup in bangketas making them prone to skin problems. And you are making it hard for legit business owners to do business here in our country. Help them instead of antagonize them!

Kargo de consensya niyo pa yan. Yan eh kung may konsensya pa kayo. Mag-Safeguard para merong konsensya. Pero wait, pati sabon ba may additional tax na rin??

Come one, think! Wag lang naman padinner-dinner lang sa hotels!

Here's a thought, why not be more vigilant in catching crooks who sell fake makeup and fine them? Oh wait... it's not within your jurisdiction so it's not your problem, right?

5. VANITY TAX is redundant.

You can't simply say that we can tax some random things in lieu of another. Same way you are opposed to increase in fuel tax. The mere fact that everything has value added tax along with the numerous things a brand need to pay for in order to create a product or import them, tas ito pa??

Ano 'to? Taya-taya na lang?

I can only pray that the rest of Congress do not think the same because I would seriously consider who to vote for next election. Lekat! Nag-isip na nga tayo nun eto pa rin napala natin! I would think that our country is moving forward with the current government change but with people like these, I wouldn't be surprised one of these days we would need to pay extra just so we, women, can VOTE.

Ladies, Gents, let's guard our rights against these people who we thought had our best interest at heart. We can't continue to rely on their knowledge that is clearly lacking from this vantage point.

Minsan talaga gusto ko maniwala na "Idle minds are the Devil's playground."


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  1. Even if I'm not a beauty guru or intense makeup user, I find this vanity tax crazy! I hope people stop listening to that man!

  2. For realz, uminit ulo ko sa vanity tax na 'to. Bakit ba napagdiskitahan nya ang makeup eh wala namang masamang naidudulot sa mga tao yun. Even though I am into natural looking makeup, I still love makeup and inaamin ko na somehow I still need makeup to look presentable. Grrr. Ano pala gusto niya, magmukha nang gusgusin yung mga pinay? Tama ka, this vanity tax is discriminatory sa women and people with low income. Grrr.


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