#MommyShen | There's nothing like DOMEX

I am a mom now so yes, I will be talking about things like this! So if you're transitioning like me, becoming more independent and looking for ways to make life easier for you, read on!

This is a weird confession but I like cleaning the bathroom. At least the one I use. I learned how to clean my bathroom at the age of 7 when I was living at my lola's house in Quezon City. The rules there were as long as you are using it, you clean it. But instead of it being a chore, it became an enjoyable activity for me. Praying hard my child acquire this trait, too! lol!

So I'm quite familiar with the cleaning supplies section of grocery as much as I am at a makeup aisle. If there's a new cleaning detergent, I would know about and I will likely buy and try it. Suffice to say, I'm an expert at these things. When Domex launched a few years back, it changed my banyo cleaning routine. My time was cut into half because I no longer have to use bleach and cleansing powder. 

Now, I use Domex and that's it. I don't have to mix my bleach with cleansing powder and two three runs of cleanse and repeat. Now with just one run (or two, depending on the state of my bathroom) I have a brand spanking new toilet again. It's God-sent to meticulous women like me.

It was also through Domex I learned of World Toilet Day and though most of you will shun this day, I celebrate it. Since becoming a mom, I didn't realize what a reprieve bathroom time would be for me! If I need alone time, I go to the bathroom... so the need for it to clean and not just aesthetically but free from germs and odor, is very important. I admit there were times, I spent an hour or two working inside my bathroom because it's the only place I can get peace and silence.

But kidding aside, having a family with a child to care for demands that my toilet is clean. As OCD clean. Having recently spent a week in the hospital taught us that even if we're careful, bacteria can get the best of us and I would like to cover my grounds.. So I make sure to follow the recommendations of Philippine Public Health Association when it comes to my cleaning agent.

  • Cleaner should be able to clean kill germs
  • Has an effective contact time.
  • And far reach to thoroughly cleanse the surface from microscopic bacteria.

I agree when they said that it was more effective that regular laundry liquid bleach because its thick consistency is more concentrated. You can really see and feel the difference. The floor of the bathroom is not slippery, the toilet bowl stains are gone and you have that confident feel that you did right by your bathroom.. 

Actually hindi mo kailangan maging mom to get interested in these things. I know for a fact that most of you have transitioned with me and you love spending time at the grocery as as much as I do and also buy products to that make your life easier. So I hope you're all using Domex!

And to be amongst mom who loves the best products as much I do, I really feel good about the choices I make for my family. 😊

Didi, Jackie, Sarah, Rowena, me, and Tina

If you're unsure of trying our a new cleaning agent, they have sampler packs with resealable cap! Can't wait to try the Pink Power. I've alway been partial to the Lemon Explosion, that one never disappears from our bathroom.. so yes, I can safely say that you can sit in our tiles. And yes, I usually work inside my toilet especially when I'm hiding from Claud. LOL!

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