Be a Clinique #DifferenceMakers

This is not a beauty post but it's a True Beauty Story that will touch our hearts and soul. Hope it's something that will interest you.

When they say that the only constant thing in the world is change, you wonder if a simple gesture of kindness and courage could cause a ripple? One good act of person, could is really mean a lot?

Children International and Arizza Nocum or Kris Library proved exactly that to me one Sturday morning.

As part of Clinique Global inititiave to encourage #DifferenceMakers to bring forth change and to inspire people, Clinique Philippines invited us to a half-day event at Children International - Manila Chapter to be bare witness to the new additions of their library and to be acquainted with the I Teach I care program. Children International focuses on educating more children to read and to write. It was saddening to know that Philippines has 30% of Grade 1 children who can't still read a single syllable or two syllable word! The goal of Children's International is to lessen this number to 0! What a feat!

They provide medical services and take in scholars to help children. Their facilities at 19 Skylark Caloocan City is amazing! The director and facilitators ensure that these chidlren get the full advantage of what they can provide. The children who were part of this event boasted their talent in reading and comprehension.. and well, their kabibohan! If my heart could grow, it wouldn't fit inside the hallway of Children International. These children are adorable!

Clinique invited Arizza Nocum to share her life and her pursuit to giving children a shot for education. A recent graduate of the University of the Philippines, Arizza was inspired by the life of her mom to which she associates what True Beauty is. To her, true beauty is not giving up on your dreams. On having courage to pursue and knowing that you deserve every bit of knowledge you learn. This is the reason why they built Kris Library.

Kris Libraries are present in war-stricken areas to bring forth peace, change and love. Inspired by her parents love for each other despite being a Muslim (her mom) and Christian (her dad). I could just imagine if there are more parents like Arizza's who defied all odds and raised a child like her. Perhaps we wouldn't face these challenges right now. But God is good because He inspires Arizza to do right by many children with this advocacy.

Another women influencer that Clinique consider a #DifferenceMaker  is actress and star of hit TV Series. Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodgriguez. She spoke of how she was grateful for having giants in her lifes (she refers to her parents as giants) who never got tired to tell her that she can and she will. Growing up in an environment that is cursed with a vicious cycle of i can't's and i won't's and also a woman of color and a body type not celebrated in the passion she wants to do, Gina strived- struggled even - to conquer the stereotype and rise above the difficulties.

In a nation that is built on and of by farmers, sadly many of us who are impoverished choose the easier way out rather than to strive for change and to grow up to the light from the grounds life has dealt us. But there are sooo many people out there who are trying to make a difference and is willing to give a helping hand to anyone. You only have to open your eyes and be open to change.

The Cycle that Changes the World

To those who were willing to stand and fight for their right to education, for those who weren't deterred by their status, also grew a loving heart. It's amazing how many scholar Children International and Kris Library is churning out from it's humble beginnings. Now these graduates are are lending their knowledge and is volunteering to help these organisation.

Be Part of Their World

These children, these graduates, used to look from the outside. Now they are part of the productive force that's making our country greater. Wouldn't it be our pleasure to be a part of this kind of cause and give back a little something to would make a difference? Enough to start a chain of changes that can only make this world, our world, a better one.

Wouldn't you want to be one fo those giants who will knock down walls of oppression for these children?

BE A #DiffrenceMaker.

Thank you, Clinique for this eye-opening experience. This will stay with me forever and one I would surely pass on to my child for I think the change should not end but only keep on going forward!

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