7 Reasons To Start Investing With Security Bank's UITF

How would you like to start your life savings by merely answering a few questions? In the Philippines and the economy where in, the word investment have such a bad rep. Our brain processes it now as risky, losses and even debt.

I admit that I'm in my 30's and I'm cursed with this stigma. My mother has invested in a few businesses using her life savings that bore nothing in the end. The risk was just too much. With this kind of history the mere thought of handing someone a good amount of money I have earned felt like I was giving up my first born child...

Til I actually gave birth to my first born child. Motherhood changed me in ways I never thought it could. I see life differently now and I admit that though I have been more conservative, I'm open now to exploring possibilities that would ensure my daughter's future. I learned from my experience that you can't really plan to live longer but what you do with your time will have a resounding effect to the ones you will leave behind.

When my husband started to plan his future by getting a life insurance along with an investment plan, I was a little apprenhensive. I was scared that it will be for nothing. But when my friend started talking about Unit Investment Trust Fund and explained in detail about the process I knew it was a great first step for an investment newbie like me.

Just like those Quizes in magazines, Secutiry Bank developed a short questionnaire that allows you determine your attitude about investing. You'll be ranked either Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive Investor. These carefuly curated questions allows you to internalise your needs and your needs for the future. It determines your behaviour to risks and losses. What I like is that even a low income earner like me can do UITF with well-managed and placed fund s.

What is UITF?

"A UITF is a curated investment fund that is managed by experts to ensure high yield and quality returns. You can enjoy the profits of a diversified portfolio by purchasing units of participation in the fund. It's the perfect investment option if you don't have the time or knowledge for actual stock trading because it lets experts manage your investments through securities, bonds, equities, and other best-in-class instruments."

Hence the reasons why I am doing Unit Investment Trust Fund.

1. I want to pursue my passion without going broke!

I've been encouraged sooooo many times by well-meaning friends to start investing. They see that it's the best options for a homemaker and a beauty and lifestlye mommy blogger! Leave your money to highly qualified managers and let them do the work so I can pursue my passion! The earnings from my blog though sporadic could very well grow when I turn it to a UITF.

2. You Only Need P10,000 to start investing!

I was intrigued when they said I can start with only P10,000! That's exactly the extra money I have to do this! I though I would hundred of thousands to start investing!

3. It's so easy to open a Security Bank Account

To start investing,  I have to have an existing account with Security Bank and boy was it easy to switch! With the Human Switch kit, a personalised banking service that allows me to open my account at the comfort of my home or office, transferring bank is so easy! Visit www.securitybank.com for this!


So that's done, I finally can now officially invest! Since I ranked conservative. I had the option to choose between Security Bank Peso Market Fund.

What is Security Bank Peso Market Fund?
It's relatively low risk, with returns of 3 to 6 months and it seeks principal protection.
For a new investor like me, it's a great way to test the water and learn more about moderate and more aggressive kinds of investment. At least that's how I see it. To find out the estimate earning, you have to take this test right here.
I noticed that Investment doesn't have to be so risky but yes, there are risks involved. I guess that's something I have to accept as a part and parcel of investing. I'm just glad that I am not paranoid and that Security Bank recognizes that I am part of a numner of people who are just learning about investments.

5. Reality Check

I'm in my 30's. I need to get serious about my choices in life. I am not the fresh girl out of college ready to explore the world. I have explored, tried a lot of things and I think that even then I should have started investing already. I want to take advantage of the markets and see where it will take my money without me actually doing anything. Php 5000 is easy to put aside if I make wise choices as a homemaker, a mother and blogger.

I learned from Tin of Manila Fashion Observer that it is always best to buy quality-made items that will last a lifetime that settle for low-quality ones that I would have to replace every few months or years.

6. Stop living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

I wouldn't want to work my ass of for the rest of our lives, with amortization almost done in a few years, my husband and I start doing fun things. I wouldn't want to be beholden to a job or to a work that I am unhappy with because we are living paycheck to paycheck. Investment allows us to have access to our money. And that's another thing that I like about Security Bank's Market Fund, the quick access to our cash should we need it! So if we want to celebrate by traveling, we can. If there is an emergency, we have something stowed away.

7. I want more time to create memories.

I grew up with a hard-working mom who have given me the life full of wonderful memories! That's exactly what I want for my child. With enough hard-work and well-placed investments, #TheCalaors will have more time for fun pursuits. It's something my husband and I wants for our family and so we are doubling our efforts to get there.

It's an awakening, really. A new phase in my life that sets me far apart from who I was before. I can definitely that imaginary line from who I was and who I am now. That person helped me to be who I am and so I am forever grateful but I am more serious now, more focused. My life now will certainly be about beauty but one that doesn't take you to the bank unless you're investing or depositing more money. I'm glad I have a husband that has the same goals and I'm glad that he is helping the new me understand the intricacies of investing. I'm glad I met Security Bank's fun managers who is helping me understand investing and not just to take my money. Their service is impeccable and I definitely expect not less from them.

With fellow Mom Bloggers. These are women I truly look up to. Michelle, Tin, Ems, and Janice

I won't be able to explain fully the extent of UITF but if you're like me who wants more out of your life and to be able to pursue your passion, call Security Bank and ask them about today how you can do exactly that with their investment options.

Life Uncurated is really about living your life and finding a purpose out of the chaos. Don't feel like everything that to be out together all the time. Deal with what feels right and do what you can to improve. Sometimes embracing the beautiful mess is what actually works... at least it is working for me. So I hope if works for you, too!

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