Photo Diary | Suite 1920 and The New Ascott Makati

Our home for the weekend was Suite 1920 of the newly renovated wing of Ascott Makati. It overlooks Makati's busy mall district and yes, there are pokestops in the building.

Staycation is life for me. I look forward to these little trips, our home away from home experiences. And I must say that the new Ascott Makati is top of the list as of the moment. Their Serviced Apartments are modernized in design and with shades of soothing turquoise and teal. The one bedroom suite is spacious (about 70sqm) with amenities such as top of the line cooking range, fridge, coffee maker and washing machines. The generous kitchen counter is gorgeous and all the kitchen utensils and dining wares you'll need are inside their posh cabinets. I have to take note that they have dishwashing liquid soap and laundry detergent, too!

My favorite spot is the blue chaise that makes me feel like a lady. It's comfortable and quaint and ultra-feminine. Though the husband didn't find it as so saying that the room was masculine enough for him. Well, looks like Ascott Makati nailed the interior design pretty well.

For a big family, the spacious receiving room can accommodate a bit of rough-housing with kids. Claud loved this area and she was running around the room most of the time. And the way it receives natural sunlight? Oh! It was glorious. I can't say enough how much I love the mornings in this suite.

The bedroom itself seemed like it was made with me in mind. I love the color motif. Gave my husband a hint that this is how I want our room to look like in the future. Lol! You what made me love this place? It was my husband! He couldn't get over raving about the space, the location and the little cubby room for the kids. He loved Ascott Makati so much that it was sooo infectious. I also noticed that he cleaned up after himself because he wants to maintain the poshness of our suite! LOL!

But enough chit-chat, check out my photos below and more of my experience with the top hotel, Ascott Makati!

How can I tell my daughter that iPads are a no-no when I can't tear myself away from my phone. LOL!

Beef Salpicao is the bomb. It's really good and beef was cooked to perfection. It's not the oily kind of salpicao and you'll love finishing off the sauce with your dinner rolls.

The Lechon Kawali is a killer! My husband ordered this and once I saw I knew the skin would be crispy and it would just be the right kind of savory pork we want in our lechon kawali.

Claud is one picky baby but she had at almost 2 slices! And I can definitely say that one slice of Carnivore Pizza from Ascott is packed! For 600, this one could be your breakfast, lunch, dinner, merienda and midnight snack! They really went all out on the meat toppings on this one.

Cheese is life and this one takes the cake so to speak. This deconstructed cheese cake is a treat and more so when it's room service. It was definitely a cherry on the top enjoying this in my plush bed while binge watching movies. Oh! The Suite Life

But wait there's more! 

The hubby treated to a massage! An early birthday treat as well as a thank you treat for taking care of the household chores til we find a new helper. I was having an awful backache that week that won't quit. One hour after my Swedish massage and the pain seemingly melted away! I'd say it's the best massage and most worth it I've ever had! It felt so good to sleep after that.

Love the afterglow of a good massage!

What makes staying at Ascott is the extra effort they put in for you and your family. Since longterm stay accounts are the bulk of Ascott's business, they make sure to treat each guests and their family with a little something extra. They were able to provide us with Claud's favorite toy (she loves clay!) and look at what they did for her! This was her treat from the staff when we went down to take our breakfast. 

My heart was full seeing my child's face as she played with her clay. The meticulous details of it on it really stole my heart.

Suffice to stay that #TheCalaors are very happy with their overnight staycation at Ascott Makati!

This is the Cubbies Room I was telling you about and it's right beside the Executive Lounge. They hold children's workshop and activities here to keep your children busy so you can do your work.

Ascott hotels mainly cater to business travels and a lot of them bring their family along. They can accomodate as short as one day stay to as long as a year or two. Ascott's mission to make each guest feel like their home is very much felt in ever part of the hotel and in their every service. 

You will never get your kid out of this pool of balls. Tried it with Claud so we can go up to our rooms and she threw a fit! Good thing she got distracted with the mirrors inside the elevator. teehee!

but if you want to get away from your kids for a while, you can at the Cubbies Room.

The toys are cleaned everyday and I noticed how well maintained this area was. Keep up the great work, Ascott! I feel safe and happy leaving my child here. There's also a huge couch for the  yaya or mom and dads who will look after the kid.

For sports and leisure, there's the pool and right beside is the tennis court. Claud enjoyed the cubbies room so much while her dad andI enjoyed our suite we failed to give the pool our attention. This won't happen again on our next visit. 

This small area of the pool is where kids can swim and frolic. :)

The Executive Lounge is another area I particularly enjoyed. We spent a good amount of time bonding and chatting here with fellow bloggers and officers of Ascott Makati. There is a private room you can book for meeting. It's pretty much a place you can conduct your business, get work done just in case your room gets a little to comfortable to be able to finish some work. You can entertain your guests here. Drinks are served til 11pm and you can make use of their computer, too.

If that wasn't enough, I vlogged about my stay at Ascott! Hahaha! Yes, this is how much I love this place.

There are so many things to look forward to in Ascott Makati. They will soon open a posh steakhouse by the year's end and the renovation for the second wing will be done soon! You will definitely see a more improved, modern Ascott Makati with an upgrade with their service and their their dedication to their guests.

I'm already booking Ascott for  Christmas!

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