The Cala-or Eats | Pancake House's Pan-Grilled Pork Belly

What's your go-to restaurant?
For me and my family, it's Pancake House. So I definitely consider it a blessing when a branch was built just right outside our condominium arcade. I grew up eating their french toast, their waffles, their all-day breakfasts and I loooove their spaghetti.

And now they've got something new (well, not so new now) on their menu and it's a hit with #TheCalaors! It's the Pan-Grilled Pork Belly (Liempo). It's really a simple pork dish that packs a lot of flavor. It's a comfort meal definitely for us Pinoys. You can either have it with mashed potato or rice (or both! No judgement here!). My husband loves this dish. As in! Every chance he gets, he would order it! Paano ba naman, it's the best kind of liempo! The size is not to small and the thickness is just right. May tamang portion of fat, skin and meat! Paired with mashed potato? Naku! The hubby is in heaven. Nakakaselos nga eh! Hahaha!

Good thing that this is part of their Double Your Cravings promo so we get to enjoy this both for only P398 with free iced teas.

Seared to perfection, the Pancake House Pan-grilled Pork Belly is tender juicy without being too oily. It's a straightforward comfort food that would rally sate the hunger. The portion is just right even for my husband. Be ready to order and share that extra rice. Malasa ang dish na ito! And oh, don't forget to get some extra gravy. Though I prefer vinegar for my sauce. Yum!

I tried pairing it with mashed potato one time and I understood why the husband prefers it this way. Ang sarap ng version ng mashed potato ng Pancake House! And with the corn and carrots, medyo solb ka na.

One thing I love about Pancake House is how well-received we are as a family. It is after all a family restaurant so noisy or active children like mine are okay. Di masyadong dyahe. Besides they have placemats with activities on it for kids with crayons. Their menu for kids are also appetizing.

Suki na kami sa branch na 'to. They're used ot us making a mess and staying longer that we're supposed to! So hapopy the staff at Hampton Gardens Branch are accommodating.

Small Soldier Pancake meal for my cutie Claud.. Just look at how she eats it! Siyempre tinira niya lang ung confectioner's sugar, candy-coated choclates and small kisses! LOL!

Trixie, thanks soo much for inviting our whole family to try out the Pan-Grilled Pork Belly! We got addicted to it!

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