#PowerofMakeup? Really?

This thought has been weighing on my mind for some time now so apologies if this is going to be a little preachy. :)

Power of Makeup? Really?

How about Power of You instead? The power of your skills, of your talent to create a perfect liner? How come we are quick to say the reason we transformed into a beautiful person is because of makeup?

Makeup is a medium. Much like watercolors, pencil, pens, markers, paints, clay... I could go on forever.

When an artist uses a watercolor and creates a beautiful watercolor painting, we don't go around saying.. "Wow! The Power of Watercolor!" Or if we see a nice sculpture, do we say, "Oooh! The power of chisel!"? We don't! Rather we compliment the artist, we ask them for more of their creations.

Nobody looked up at the Sistine Chapel and pointed what brands Michelangelo used to paint it. Or even said that it didn't feel authentic because he covered the ceiling. Nobody judged a painter for soiling such a pristine white canvass. No writers were told to stop writing because they ruined a smooth and perfectly bound notebook. Rather, people pointed out their undeniable artistic talents. We revered it, put these talented artists in museums, learned from their techniques and even created full courses just to be like them!

Not that I think that anyone who can use an eyeliner is exactly an artist (although that is highly debatable if I'm honest about it!), but I don't think the credit is only because of makeup and the brands we use. I don't think for a second that I am only beautiful because of makeup. I am beautiful because of what I can do with it.

Worst is when people think that the only reason why we look the way we do is because of makeup. That's stupid. Really stupid. They think that makeup is the sole reason we can transform ourselves that without it we are nothing but a bunched of pale, uneven skin toned, pock-marked girls. Goddamn it, people! We are freaking good at what we do! It just so happens there is a world that caters to our whims and wants so it's easier for us to do what we are good at! It's that plain and it's really that simple.

Give the credit where the credit is due and most of it are because of YOU! (yes, I rhymed!)

Girl, you are fine! YOU are talented! Your makeup skills is off the charts!

You may have toyed and experimented with different makeup brands to perfect your wing tips and strobing techniques BUT everything you were able to do with your makeup, please don't forget, is all because of YOU! Your honed talents! Your countless nights learning techniques, learning from your own mistakes. You studied your face, where the light and shadows should be, you spent countless watching Youtube tutorials on how to blend eye shadows and some of you even joined classes and enrolled in courses.

Makeup is an art, a medium! It is even a profession! It's been for ages! Nobody can contest that! An eyeliner is just a tube with an ink in it if you didn't use that you give your eyes some depth. Your eye shadows are merely pressed pigments if you didn't use it to smoke out your eyes for a sultry effect. A liquid foundation is just liquid pigment if you didn't use it to even out your skin tone. All of these things are merely that, things... if not for your courage to use it and give it life using your hands and your skills. It doesn't even matter if you use the most expensive brands or the cheapest ones out there. Let's be honest, we can make it work because we make it work.

So the next time you think it's the Power of Makeup that makes you beautiful, please remember that it's really you who has the power. And if people have a problem with your before and after photos, just tell them it's because you're good at what you do! And that's the truth!

(drops mic)

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