OFRA X Calyxta and Bonding with Bianca Valerio

My mid afternoon Thursday became a day to remember when Calyxta and Ofra Cosmetics Philippines invited us to try their new collection and to have a bit of lesson in social graces. I was all game for that, naturally! Thank God for my Uber's efficiency, I got to Bizu in less than 20 minutes.

The small gathering was held inside Bizu's private room. Who knew they had one? I felt like Alice in Wonderland meeting Mad Hatter goring through the narrow hallway on the second floor of Bizu Rockwell! And inside I saw two of my favorite people in the world, Bianca Valerio - she's the host for that afternoon and our tutor for Etiquette 101 - and Nikki, my dear friend in the beauty blogging world. Both are seated in a long table filled with lip products form Ofra!

Obviously, just right after saying hello, I proceeded to play with the lip products and try them! Talk about major swatch fest.
I do love events like this that allows us to use and try the products! And in between swatching, the girls and I chatted to our heart's content til the short program started. Before I tell what they had in store for us. Please indulge in the photos I took of Ofra's fabulous Long Lasting Liquid lipsticks! They are seriously #TDF!

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks has got the most number of nude shades available in the country! They've got every undertones that'll match your skin. Consistency is mousse-like and turns to creamy matte and then dries to a matte finish. It is long-lasting as it claims and it's quite a pain to remove.

Bianca shared that to easily remove it, re-apply a lip balm to bring back moisture to the lips and the product and wipe off with a wet tissue or a regular tissue.

Brights and reds and even out-of-thisworld shades are available!
My favorite here is Santa Ana, a deep mauve that turns quite different in each of us! This turned into a deep wine mauve while in others, it's deep red.

Drool away, ladies! And go crazy choosing. Save yourself the trouble and just collect them all! 
Americano is such a crowd favorite! This deep red brown is similar to what Kylie Jenner wears in her Instagram. It's sooo pretty in person as it is in pictures!

Crowd pleasers were aguna Beach, Mocha, Sau Paulo and Bel Air.

Purple is life!! My favorite here is Mina! Just look at the burgundy shade,s creaming for attention. It's my shade, totally! :)

One of the focus for this intimate gathering is to share with all of you the latest promo Calyxta have on Ofr Cosmetics on their popular beauty site.

Calyxta currently offers OFRA BUNDLE PROMO. You get OFRA LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK with a Lipstickand in awesome popular and must-have shades for only P1080. That's 20% discount.

And then we proceeded to learning more than just the amazing Ofra Liquid lipsticks on the spread in front of us. Bianca Valerio, in between sharing how awesome these new products are (with matching beauty tutorial and trial), shared her best kept secrets in Etiquette 101.

Bianca up close is as she is afar! Immaculately flawless! She has skin like alabaster (poreless, I tell you!), svelte figure (she doesn't exercise, too), she's got the perfect size boobs and butt and she's got legs for daaayzz! Aside from that she's got hair with the healing powers of that of Wolverine... because really, how freaking possible can she change the color of her hair nearly every month (sometimes twice, she confessed) without damaging it? And she the fact she can stand all day in sky high heels... you'd think the world is unfair!

And once this beautiful lady starts to converse with you, you'd feel like you're the most important person in the world and you would want to be her friend! She's a woman wrapped in a beautiful perfect package because that's who she is inside! No wonder! And she loves makeup and skincare as much as you do... so yes, that's another reason to love her.

I've known Bianca give or take 5 years from beauty events. She has the perfect job for her beauty and personality, a beauty maven and a much sought after events host. Oh! And she's also an author, professional model and a TV and radio/podcast host !She's extremely quick-witted and undeniably funny. Her hostings are always lively and she manages to entrance the crowd with her funny quips and melodic voice. I have seen her with dignitaries, presidents and CEO's, even with little 'ol me and she treats everyone with the same pearly white smile, sparkle in her eyes and warmth in her voice. Her beauty comes a life full of experiences that she manages to relate to every person in the room.

So to learn a few of her tricks in social decorum, I was all ears!

Bianca, in close company, is unabashedly honest and can talk about anything (and by that, I mean anything!). I like that about her. She is passionate conversationalist but she tells us that when in the presence of important people, she reigns in a bit. Less words is more in the presence of high ranking people.

She noted that it's very important to take note of names of important (ie. President, CEO, Politicans etc.) when attending events. To proceed to them or allow yourself to be introduced. One of the things stuck to me was that one should never tuck away a calling card that was handed to you. Receive it with both hands and hang on to it til the person leaves the room. It tells the person who gave it to you that they matter to you. Neat advise, right?

Going to that point, to easily practice and be great at social gatherings, one of the key things we must remember is always make other people feel they are important to you. Address them by their proper designation and take interest in their cause. Compliment them and look at them in the eyes when speaking to them. It would be great to do a little research about the person you will be entertaining or meeting. It's just the right thing to do, make others feel good. :)

Bianca here is wearing Santa Ana. Gorgeous, right?

Another funny thing Bianca mentioned, just in case you forget someone's name and you're about to introduce them to a friend... let the friend do the asking! hahaha! That was one funny trick I think I would use since I'm so bad at names!

Bianca, with her perfect hair, face, and body, is deep inside one of the truest people I've met in this industry. So if there is a chance for you to get to know her, please do! Your life will be more colorful with a Bianca Valerio in it.

Thanks, Clayxta and Ofra for this wonderful afternoon!

Find out more about Calyxta and Ofra, visit www.calyxta.com today.

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