Mommy Thrills | NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine is LOVE

Wondering how I made this layered coffee?

I did it with the new NESTLÉ Red Mug machine and it's currently my favorite appliance at home. My husband starts his day with a coffee and it pleases him whenever I would make him a cup to start his day. He loves all sorts of coffee, instant being one them. With the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine though, he feels as if he is always enjoying a fancy coffee made by a barista. Better even because that barista is his gorgeous wife. Now, wouldn't that compliments make me blush? :)

The NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine looks very elegant with it's shiny red exterior. I love having it in my kitchen. I even placed in my dining table just because I want to see it everyday. It invites me to have enjoy another cup of coffee. Ain't it pretty? :)

This special package will come with a transparent glass mug, 100 grams of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC, and 250 grams of NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE. All of this for only Php1,999! What a steal to make each morning extra special, right? Believe me, it changed mine!

We've been using NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine since we got one. And it definitely is the easiest machine I've used and easy to clean, too. Now, this is from someone who operated those coffee pod machines. I remember trying to operate one but to no avail. My hotel roommate (shoutout to Kira!) and I had to resort to calling the front desk to help us out. And though I love a fresh pot of freshly ground cup, my day is not conducive to having one... let alone maintain cleaning a coffee machine. I also own a french press, to which now is resting quietly in my cupboard, thanks to the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine!

NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine can create awesome layers thanks to the foaming jet technology that provides the foam you would only used to see in expensive espresso coffee machines. It also has a unique cyclone chamber on top (where you put your coffee in) that brings out the aroma and flavor of your NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine. It's like having a barista at home!

Just look at thes cups! So beautiful!

No wonder that NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine people raving sooo much about this. Even host of the event, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, created her very own recipe using this wonder machine. That's adding a bit of cinnamon powder, of which she calls Christmas Cinnamon Cup. And it's delish!

Christmas Cinnamon Cup
But the event took us to more exciting times! They divided the crowd to three groups. Three because they wanted us to team with with the three new ambassadors of NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine. That's Raymond Guttierez, Bianca King and Denise Laurel. Denise Laurel, being a mom, I prayed to be on her team! Thank God the card I picked out at the beginning of the event had #StartCreatingTeamD which meant I was on her team! Yey!

Each team was task to learn their Ambassador's coffee recipe using the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine. I'm glad to be on Team Denise because her recipe sounded awesome! Hug in a Mug she calls it and it has... wait for it.... COOKIE BUTTER! 

But before all that, check out what NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine!

Here is a video I took! If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen this already. :)

And okay, can we pause for a minute and just be awe in the beauty of Denise Laurel? She is just gorgeous! Even with rollers in her hair (I arrived early for the event and saw their dress rehearsal) she is glorious! Her smile is truly captivating!

Denise shares, “I love the smell of coffee in the morning. The smell alone is enough to perk me up. Having a cup in the morning is like getting a warm, fuzzy hug from my fiancé Sol,” she adds. Denise’s coffee creation with NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine, a Hug in a Mug Latte, mixes cookie butter with the flavor of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC and NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE. “It’s my very own pick me up when I get home from a long shoot, tiring day, or anything in between! It’s so fun to use and you can have fancy coffee in a snap!”

So fancy that it was awarded the best coffee recipe at the event! The judges said that Denise captured the layered effect perfectly that the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine boasts and her recipe is the perfect blend of sweetness that did not crowd the goodness of NESCAFÉ Classic. 

Hug in a Mug is definitely my favorite drink now!

Want more pics of Denise? Here are some adorable ones I took while she prepares three mugs for the judges to try.

I really should start creating my own latte recipe. I'm thinking if I should do a dulce de leche recipe since I love anything caramel. I will definitely share my recipe with you once I've perfected it. For now, my mornings are extra foamy, extra happy because of NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine.

Now, make yours extra special, too and go get yourself NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine!

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  1. hello dearie!! i love ur post, anyway u got any bad review from this machine ? i`m thinking to got myself one instead of normal 3in1 sachet.


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