Stay Connected with the Enhanced SMART Surf Abroad 550

Allow me to share with you a work travel story and tell you why this will never happen to you.

Hong Kong
A few years ago, a brand engaged my blogging services to cover their yearly event in Hong Kong. I was paid to cover the event so I immediately signed up to a 3 day data service from my then-network provider for it t make easier for me to connect on all my social media accounts. It took me 3 phone calls to their hotline to do the enrollment for data-plan abroad, along with the verification and confirmation. Note that I confirmed my subscription. Meaning, they assured me that I will have data connection when I get to Hong Kong.

Guess what?
When I got to Hong Kong, I had no connection. At 12 midnight, instead of resting, I was on the phone talking to a customer representative trying to establish a data connection. To no avail, I decided to just stop the enrollment and cancel it altogether.

Suffice to say that I had to rely on Wifi to cover the event and Thank God, I was able to do my job. But the horror didn't end there. At the end of the month, I was stilled billed for the data subscription abroad!

But this will never happen to you! Travel to your heart's content and start exploring the world!

SMART just took everything to whole new level when it comes to travelling with their new SMART SURF ABROAD for all Postpaid users. There is no competition that they are the top choice for people who travel because of how easy they make it for anyone to connect anywhere you are in the world.

And they made it even better!

Wider Coverage

From 57 countries, SMART now covers 112 countries. That's Brazil, India, Myanmar, Ukrain, etc. for all of you! So whether you're bitten by the travel bug or need to work, connecting online is easy!


No need to call a hotline. No need to subscribe! All you have to is turn your data-roaming and SMART does all the connecting for you. No codes to memorize or do anything manually! SMART does everything!

No Bill Shock

SMART's New Network Lock Feature help you avoid incurring additional charges. This means, SMART do not allow you to connect with a non-partner network and you'll only get billed P550/day!

Access to all your favorite and most needed Apps

This I think is what makes it great and why we should all be in SMART Surf Abroad 550 when we travel. The need to connect to our loved ones. I can't imagine not seeing my child through Viber video should I be required to travel abroad. Though I love the feeling of being by myself, as a manager, I need to be on top of things so a constant comminucation with my people is important both in e-mail and messenger and even facebook!

More so, I never have to get lost because I can access Waze and Google. And if I don't want to think of where I am going, I'll let Uber do that for me.

I admit that I don't have the travel bug like my friends do. But at least now I don't have to get frustrated that I will be offline whenever I go abroad. I can't imagine a day not seeing my Claud or not checking my e-mails (answering them is another matter), so I'm glad I never have to find out! All thanks to the SMART Surf Abroad 550.

And what's great even is that this is something that they will offer even to prepaid subscribers very very soon!

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