Get Glowing with Jergens at Araneta Gateway

It's was a day of celebration when I attended the #GetGlowingwithJergens Event a few weeks ago. My friends and I flocked to Araneta Gateway to enjoy the wonderful time they had in store for us! 

Jergen's transformed the middle section of Gateway's second floor to a chic area that engages a lot of us to try and learn new things. There's the Brush Calligraphy table
wherein we got to try this medium for the first time. There's the juice bar with flavors that are inspired of Jergen's lotions. We loved the cherry almond!

I had so much fun getting tips from MYX VJ Ai Dela Cruz and courtside reporter Mara Aquino and Yogi Erika Padilla. It was also a day of revelations as I've learned that glowing skin is so much better and a lot more healthier looking than white skin. They shared tons of beauty tips that makes them camera worthy. Mara shared her tip which is to be stand tall and straight as it exudes confidence. It helps when speaking in larger audience. Her best kept secret is always putting on lotion to keep her skin supple. Erika shares that yoga changed her life. She advised not to be intimidate and to take it one day at a time and soon we'll be able to do difficult yoga poses and get to post them on instagram like her. She shares that keeping a healthy body also meant caring for her skin so she lathers on lotion every after yoga sesh. 

I consulted with one of the dermatologist present during the event and I learned that using lotion daily provides my skin the moisturize it needs especially in a badly changing weather that we are experiencing. This and a balanced diet and exercise assures healthy glowing skin.

Best of all, Jergens unveleiled their newest variant - The Hydratng Coconut  Lotion - which I think is the nicest smelling lotion they have to date! The scent is so addicting that I keep on trying it whenever a bottle comes my way.

Jergens remain true to its promise to provide lasting moisture and healthy glowing skin to all Filipinas. I also love that whitening is not a focus for the brand but only skin that feels and look good. It emphasizes that we should celebrate the color that we're in! 

Cheers to Jergens! Loving my skin more because of you!

Ai Dela Cruz

Mara Aquino

Erika Reyes

NEW! Jergen's Hydrating Coconut Lotion

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