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When was the last time you held a photograph?

I noticed lately how we've been so caught up in preserving memories digitally that we forgot how good it feels to flip though photographs with our hands. When my friend, Ria, told me about this cool new app that's proudly Pinoy-made, I went ahead and tried it while stuck in Metro Manila's horrible traffic.

This app seriously addicting!

Storytell Prints is a Philippine-based app. It's operated and owned by Filipinos. By the design alone of the app, it is already engaging and easy to nagivate in. When it comes to app, I like them on point and simple. I like flat design and fuss-free layout. Exactly what Strorytell Prints is. Another great thing? They currently have FREE SHIPPING PROMO anywhere in the Philippines.

Storytell Prints is not your regular printing shop. They provide modern design prints in layouts that are cool for your needs. They have Classic Prints, Board Prints, Magnets, and soon to come Photobooks, Posters and more. Price starts P450.

Board Prints is what got me excited since I wanted something tough and lasting and one I can incorporate in our walls until the other models become available at Storytell. Naturally, I chose Pola-style prints which are Polaroid-inspired.

Storytell allows you to edit and include captions and stickers but I opted to not do that so I can personally write on the boards as well. A set of 32 costs only P600. Everything under Board Prints are only P600, only the number of prints will vary. Quite affordable considering I don't have to travel anywhere for it.

In a world where everything is right under our fingertips, Storytell Prints has managed to reach us and make sure we don't lose sight of appreciating the memories we create and display them inside our home or offices and not just in our phones and cameras.

Since becoming a mom, I thought that it will be easy for me to get rid of gadgets so that I could raise Claud properly away from screens. But it's quite difficult when my profession and hobby requires so much screentime. It's impossible for her not to adapt to my habits. It's app like Storytell Prints that allows me a small chance to introduce Claud to both photos onscreen and offscreen and teach her to differentiate the two. I now have an app that allows me to print anything and make use of it to teach her and show her other than just using my tablet.

I also like the fact that we can look through these photos like flashcards and embed in her the memories our families make together. When she's a bit a older, we'll create a wall of Pola-style prints of her growing years and soon, whatever she start posting things herself. In an actual wall, with an actual picture. :) How cool is that?

Here is the step-by-step screencap from start to end when you try odering. Response rate of the app is pretty fast. Do make sure though you have good internet/data connection when you're ready to upload your photos. You'll also be given a code once your set is uploaded. Delivery time is around 3-5 days. They will provide a tracking number once your photos are shipped, too. Storytell Prints is very efficient and provide spectacular service. And by that, I mean, I don't have to contact them and ask them how are my orders. I just simply used the app, paid for it, sent in my payment details and voila! In a matter of few days, my prints are delivered to me.

They currently accept Bank Deposit and Paypal as payment method.

Only one thing though, I hope they work around an option wherein I can still add or remove photos without having to re-edit my pile. Other than that, I think the app is wonderful.

Storytell App Rating:
Design: 5/5
Response rate: 5/5
Navigation: 4/5
Delivery: 5/5
Payment Method: 4/5
Selections: 4/5

for more information about Storytell Prints, visit their Instagram.

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