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Did you know that the Virgin Coconut Oil that are found in some of Origins' products are sourced here in the Philippines? 

That's just one of the many things I learned when I went to the exclusive press launch of Origins Philippines. I must have been living under a rock or that my surgeries and exposure to epidural that I couldn't remember that Origins were once sold here in our country. Compared to many skin care brands, Origins is relatively young. It's even younger than I am! It just recently celebrated its 25th year this 2015. Founded by William Lauder, who came from a long line of beauty innovators, he was inspired to create a brand that would marry nature and science. "Powered by Nature. Proven by Science."is the brands major philosophy. And since its inception, Origins has played a big part in introducing groundbreaking discoveries in nature by some of the world's renowned scientists.

Origins Philippines transformed Le Jardin into a cozy ambiance that are field with different kinds of plants, fresh hors d'oeuvres, test tubes and beakers. I felt as if we were inside a green house! A pretty one at that. It definitely stated the brand's identity that their products are deeply rooted in Mother Nature but with the masterful use of science.

Origins masks are one of the brand's top seller as it targets all kinds of skin concerns. One of its highlighted product especially for our type of skin is the Clear Improvement Mask (Php1,500) that contains activated Charcoal made from White  China Clay and acts like a magnet to draw out impurities like white heads and blackheads. Alongside Lecithin that dissolves drawn out impurities and Yellow Sweet Clover to decongest the skin. Oily skin will definitely feel as instant relief.

I've tried this mask myself and unlie come clay mask's I have tired n the past, this doesn't settle into the pores and is easily washed away. It also reduces the excess oil and leaves the skin smooth and soft but not dry. 

Mel Lerma, Country Manager of Estee Lauder, welcomed Origins to the Philippines. 

 Jill Baysa, Sales and Marketing for Origins, shares the future of Origins in the Philippines.

They also invited people from Origins global to share with us more about the wonderful things about Origins. Jill also surprised us with their latest Tree-planting initiative in our very own backyard and they had each tree that will be planted named after us! How sweet, right? I wish I could plant the tree myself. 

You could defiitely feel the pride in Jean-Alexandre Harvard's voice when he spoke of many wonderful things that Origins has done the past 25 years and how it impacts our lives, He also spoke of the many things Origin is doing in protecting the environment.

He also took on a journey on different parts of the world where Origins get their ingredients. It was a sight to behold seeing all these places even on TV. SI'm still in awe on how wonderful nature is!

Teresa Stanford-Danuser was the one who told us that the coconut oil used in some Origins skin care lines came from our coutnry and how Origins are restless and persistent in finding the best ingredient from nature. She spearheaded Origins Return to Recycling Programs which ingrates their belief in nature.

She also spoke of the many wonderful things we can find in nature and on how there are millions of plant species that are still waiting to be discovered. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Sam Custodio wowed us with her knowledge Origins! She took us on a fun ride introducing us to each skin care lines while a certain type of hors d'oeuvres. She also introduced us to a very interesting plant called, Rose of Jericho. We were as asked to pour water on this inconspicuous little thing that looked like a ball of thread! We were told that the plant can resurrect itself as it slowly absorbs the water, open and turn green in just a few hours. Even in just minutes, we can already hear some crackling from the plant as it slowly yet ever so carefully open up again. Such a sight!

Rose of Jericho, commonly found in Juddean desert.

Rose of Jericho, commonly found in Juddean desert. (5 minutes later)

Rose of Jericho, commonly found in Juddean desert.

I told you that as Sam talks about each skin care from Origins, yummy delightful treats were also served. These represented our skin and how each layer are given nourishment and care by a certain Origins skin care. Le Jardin really makes appetizing dishes and these are no exception. I have to admit that I zoned out a bit as I tasted these bite-sized goodies.

Enough about the yumminess of Le Jardin treats. Let's go back to business and allow me to share with you what you can look forward to once Origins opens its doors in SM Makati! Yes, their very first store will be at one of the busiest most visited mall in the country. So once it opens, hurry up and haul to your heart's content!

It was in the late 90's when mushroom became all the range n healing a lot of ailments. I remember my health-buff aunt telling my mom all about the benefits of eating mushrooms! Who would have thought that it would make its way to our skincare as well. Origins is one of the very fist to integrate beauty into wellness with its partneship with Dr. Andrew Weil. He is a firm believer that our skin are tied with our mind's wellness. With this they created the Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Collection that helps the skin combat internal and external aggressions. It contains a trio of mushrooms called Chaga, Reisi, and Cordyceps. These ingredients are powerful anti-oxidants and great for the skin. Theya re also widely known to be used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Origin's Ginzing Collection is definitely for those who have dull skin that needs a surge of energy. With the combination ginzeng and caffeine makes this the best skin care for a renewed and youthful looking skin.

Do you remember the Rose of Jericho above? Well, Origins have found a way to bottle its self-hydrating properties to help dry skin! It also contains Caspace-14, an enzyme that helps maintin the skin's moisture level. This is not your ordinary moisturizer. It was made to make a difference!

Aside from these lines, Origins Philippines are bringing in more! So expect to be wowed by this new brand in the country!

Here are just some of the products from Origins that will be keeping me busy! First on my list the CC Cream. Watch our for my review of it!

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