Kiehl's Advise, #ChangeYourSkin

Kiehl's recently challenged me to change my skin with their #ChangeYourSkin campaign. It's one of their efforts to encourage women and men to take a closer look at their skin and see what it truly needs. So one fine morning, amidst celebrities and A-Listers by the likes of Raymond Gutierrez and his posse, I sat with one of Kiehl's consultant to take that step in facing what skin truly craves for.

Now, as a beauty blogger and one who practically lives and breathes products, I already have an idea the real state of my skin - oily, prone to acne and enlarged pores. I have a skin that could rival a boy on the verge of his puberty, sometimes it's worst. The tiny skin gauge strip Kiehl's use doesn't need to tell me that... 

Then it got me thinking that I'm not most like my peers. Filipinos are known to self-medicate (thanks to the lack of free health-insurance. Phil. Gov.'t, wakeup!) and that applies to their skincare needs too. Maybe that's one reason why we bloggers became popular, we provide real recommendations without you having to pay for it! I tip my virtual hat to you, fellow bloggers!

We (and yes, I include myself int his bunch), tend to believe TV ads, billboards or still adhere to skincare superstitions just so we don't have to consult a dermatologist or talked out of our wallets by the sales attendants at the nearby health and beauty store. Which obviously result to more damage to our skin! Que horror!

Kiehl's wanted to change that. They want you do do the same thing I did, sit in with one of their peeps and talk about your skincare concern. They have all the cool knowledge and they won't let buy anythingyour skin doesn't need. Rather they will even provide you with samplers of products they recommend! And these aren't the puny ones that would put shame to a sachet-maker. The samples you'll get will alsts you 28 days! Good enough time for you see results and help you decide if you want to commit to a full-size bottle!

My consultation was right on point! My analyst was brilliant! He recommended a few products from Rare Earth to the Calendula line to help combat my incessant oiliness. No to heavy moisturizers, serums and such for this acneic skin. Though I felt bad because I loved the Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum. I also wanted to try the Clearly Corrective serum. But I must follow Kiehl's expert advice and just address the changes my skin needs! My skin unfortunately can't follow the beauty trend and I have to accept that because in the end, I'll reap the benefits of getting that clear skin by using only the products that are right for me. Phew! That was a long sentence! A sentence needed to be said nonetheless! So bear with me.

So as soon as this storm let up, I suggest you visit Kiehl's and #changeyourskin.

My new skincare from Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, Micro Blur Skin Perfector, Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream, Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser.

What's your going to be?

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