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I love learning new things especially when it comes to beauty brands. I'm always interested in their history and how far they've come from their humble beginnings. It makes me want to try their products and make it a staple in my beauty rotation.

Avenè is the brand that piqued my interest of late. I had a great chance to get to know this brand in a more personal level when I was invited to their Blogger's event. You can't believ what a rich history this brand has! Oh the hudrends of thousands of people they have already helped.

What I realized during Anna's talk about the brand, is that Avenè is not just a brand... it's actually a community. A place that nurtures what nature has provided. Avenè took its name fom small town in France where the the famous Thermal Spring resides. This spring is named, Saint Odile who is a patroness of ocular afflictions and ear diseases. And as fates would allow it, this spring had healing properties when a horse with what seems to incurable skin disease took solace in this sping, drank and bathed in it, was suddenly cured and actually ended up with a beautiful coat of fur.

It was then that the people of Avenè realized that the spring would help many. Marquis of Rocozel, he used to own the land where the spring is located, built the first thermal spring facility and started accepting patients with different skin ailments such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and even burn victims. The spring's healing capacity has reached US that it was imported to help cure burn victims of The Great Chicago Fire.

Government of France recognized this healing capability that they have included treatment in in the Thermal faciloty an added benfit in their social security system! Yes! This means that people can ask for reimbursement from the government.

Acquired by the 2nd largest pharmaceutical company, Piere Fabre, they gave life to the vision that everyone deserves to be treated by the waters of Avenè and so they started creating a line of skincare with the spring water as its main ingredient. They have also expanded the facility that made it possible for more people to get treatments.

And yes, they have maintained and protected the Saint Odile spring in such a way no human intervention can ever touch the spring and its nearby land. From what I know, there are even lawas that protects the purity of the thermal water.

I find such history incredibly amazing! Imagine being healed by nothing but the nature itself! From rain water to a 40 year journey at the bottom of Cevennes Mountain down to the spring of Saint Odile. This long voyage gave way for the water to get that perfectly balanced composition of minerals that made it ideal for all skin especially that of the sensitive ones. It's so pure and healing that it cures even skin burns!

Do you see those Eau Thermale Avenè Water Spray? It was actually bottled straight from the source! the first time the water inside each bottle has seen light is the moment you first use it! Like I said, amazing isn't it?

And they continuously innovate to cater to every skin need, sensitive or not!

I tried out this gadget from Avéne and it tells you what type of skin you and how it compares to different part of your body.

What I found out was not entirely a surprise, I have active oil glads, open pores and fine lines and wrinkles. But what sort of sirprised me was that my skin also has dry areas.

Their beauty analyst suggest the Cleanance line for me to regulate my oiliness and lessen my acne. I was already eyeing the cleanser and the toner. :)

Avéne's has several product range available here in the Philippines. They have Make up Removers, daily skin care essentials, for dry skin, whitening, oil control, hypersensitive and normal to combination.

Avéne, of course, is popular for their Thermal Spring Water that soothes and soften skin. It's definitely the best from those I've tried in the past. It's the easiest way to refresh the skin during this hot Summer season and it also helps with maintain my skin's pH balance. It has also lessened my need to spend too much time of my daily regimen as it helped heal my acne.

I learned so much Avéne during this evening! Everyone was pleasant and they really got to share with us what this brand has to offer Filipinas.

Their Sun Care is slowly gaining an audience with its tinted variants. I prefer the plain but with how well this tinted suncreaen meld onto the skin, you really won't need a foundation. :)

I definitely recommend Avéne to those dealing with a lot of skin concerns. I find myself reaching out for this brand more and more everyday and I am already in my second can of Thermal Spring Water mist!

Find out more about Avéne in my upcoming posts!

Excuse the selfie but I'm just showing off that I got #TouchedbyAvéne.

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