Children's Book Haul for Baby Claud | Scholastic Warehouse Summer Sale

Daddy Ron and I are going to make sure that books will be a huge part of Claud's life. Growing up, R and I were (still are) huge bookworms and we want to pass this on to our unija hija. We both considered books as windows to the world. That's why we are slowly filling a space on our bookshelf with books for her. Even now, I would read her stories about Alice In Wonderland, Turtle and the Hare and my favorite, Cinderella. We hope to instill in her the hunger for words that would turn her into a wanderer.

When my friend Amaris told me about the Scholastic Sizzlin' Summer Sale, I grabbed the husband and went to their Warehouse at C. Raymundo Ave., Pasig to pick up a few books that we can add to Claud's book collection. I chose books that has become a huge part of our growing up years.

Check out the new books we got her!

Usborne Fairytale books are my new favorite so I quickly grabbed this copy of Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare. Oh, how her dad and I love Shakespeare! Ron loves the more thrilling stories and how gory this author would get sometime. While I love his romantic comedies. It's never too early for Claud to famialirize herself with his stories! And we hope she grows up loving Shakespeare, too! Got this half the price for about Php345!

Usborne also created individual books of Children's Classics. Can you believe I got these for only Php49? Can't wait to read to her The Little Princess!

I couldn't resist grabbing Kiss, Kiss God Night by Kenn Nesbitt and Rebecca Elliott. It's the cutest book ever!

Dr, Seuss books on sale!! These alone should make you go to and visit Scholastic warehouse! These babies are half off! I want to collect all these books if only for myself. :) Who didn't grow up reading Dr. Seuss?  

"Don't cry becase it's over. Smile, because it happened."

Oh, the sweet childhood memories!

And meet the fluffliest book ever! It's a puppet book and quite interactive. Designed to let the child play with the puppet while the parent reads the book. Now, however, I do both roles of giving life to Dilly the Dog and reading the story to Claud, too!

Aside from children's book, there are young adult and other fiction books on sale! There are even Harry Potter books with significant discounts, too! Definitely a steal!

Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale will started last March 23 until May 24, 2015! It's open 9am to 6pm from Monday through Saturday. Bring your friends and family! It's high time to bring back that love for books and not just our phones and tablets. :)

Scholastic warehouse is near Ortigas Extension, you can even use Waze to easily navigate to the location. :)

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