#BeautyResolution | #COMECLEAN this 2015

I want to ask you a question. But promise to answer it truthfully.

Do you religiously remove your makeup before going sleep?

It's time to come clean, ladies. If Jessica Chastain can confess to this major beauty boo-boo (on her interview with Instyle January 2015 Issue. Then, we can finally admit to ourselves that we are remiss in the important duty of properly removing any makeup before hitting the sack.

And since we are confessing and all, even I a beauty blogger who probably know all the do's and don'ts of proper skin care routine still fall prey to laziness and choose to doze off with makeup on. And often rely on facial cleanser and water to remove my makeup and dirt. Which we all not is NOT ENOUGH to get rid off of all the grime.

And to share with you what I know will happen if we continue this deplorable lazy-a$$ rotuine, here are just a few of the bad things that can happen to our skin.

Premature aging

Makeup causes skin dryness and in result, causes wrinkles and fine lines especially when left overnight. Studies show that women age two days early for every night they don't remove their makeup. Ewww!

(more skin damaging result, go ahead! Read more!)

Blackheads and whiteheads

Most makeup contain ingredients that trap our pores and  when left for a prolonged period of time that gets mixed in with dirt ccand turn into these horrific nightmares.

Bigger pores

Makeup residue stretches out your pores and make them larger. Well, this makes sense since are skin is elastic. Naturally when we pack on the foundation, we are literally stuffing our poor pores and widening them out. Urgh!

Acne - HUGE ONES! Naturally, you'll clog the hell our of your pores that can cause bacterial infection that results to cystic acne. And no, not the small ones (well, you'll get those, too) but surely you'll have infestation of pimples in no time!

Skin redness - onslaught of makeup and dirt buildup can trigger skin reactions. Also, if you are not removing your makeup with the right makeup remover, for sure you are scrubbing your face raw with your bath cloth or hands with your cleanser. This causes dry skin, flaking and yes, more premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin reactions and skin allergies - Of course, 
your skin is bound to react drastically not only with pimples but also other allergic reactions that may need a medical intervention.

Puffy eyes and dark undereyes - the thin layer of skin around our eyes are more prone to suffer and if you're found of putting on eyeliner and waterproof mascara, you are stressing your eyes if you're not removing them properly. Worst, you might actually ruin your eyesight, too! Que horror.

Put these all together and what do you get? The worst skin ever!

So now we come to another of my beauty resolution this 2015! To always (and I mean it this time!) remove my makeup no matter how tired I am. No makeup shall touch my pillow starting today!

To make that happen, Nivea Philippines sent over their new Cleansing Wipes. The famous 100 year old German skin care brand wants to make makeup removal the least tedious process in our skin care routine. From nearly 30 minutes of taking off stubborn foundation and ultra waterproof mascara to a a five-minute routine. Quite an undertaking but they did live up to their word.

Nivea Pure Effect 3-In-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes

- For Oily/Impure Skin
- Deeply cleanses, exfoliates and fight impurities
- contains Magnolia Extract (antibacterial and cleanser)
- each wipe has a soft side and a textured side.

This is my favorite! I love the textured side! My skin definitely feels cleaner and I only have to use one wipe. Be gentle though and try not to be rough when using this as the textured side can be a little rough on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, opt for the Gentle Facial Clenasing Wipes.

NIVEA Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

- for dry and sensitive skin
- alcohol free
- Cleanses, tone and hydrates
- Removes makeup and waterproof mascaras
Suitable for sensitive eyes
- with Natural Almond and Hyrda IQ

If your skin finds many of your previous makeup remover drying, try this cleansing wipes. Each wipe is packed with hydrating ingredients that surely quenches the thirst your skin is having. Definitely fit for the cooler weather we are about to have for the next few weeks.

I can't remember the last time I used cleansing wipes to remove my makeup. I think I was still in law school and just starting out when I used it to remove makeup. And I do remember not being satisfied with some that I've tried. The only one I particularly liked was from MAC and it was too expensive. Then came the cleansing oils and cleansing water which pretty much dominated my vanity up to this day.

Color me skeptic, but I didn't think that Nivea Cleansing Wipes would be effective at removing ALL my makeup. Foundation: yes, naturally. Lipstick: depends on the type. Eye makeup: it may get rid of some. But waterproof mascara and eyeliner?I highly doubted it. But lo and behold, one wipe proved me wrong. 

Here's the wipe to prove it y'all.

There you go, a proof that this thing really works! 

So, really, we have no excuse to go to bed with our face ridden with goopey makeup. Nicea clearly made it easy for us to always have fresh clean face every night. No need to buy cotton pads or worry about spilling too much makeup remover. All we need is one wipe and we're good to go.

If you have yet to find the perfect makeup remover for you, I urge you to try any of the two Nivea Cleansing wipes today. Make it your beauty resolution to care for your skin more this year by making a promise to never sleep with makeup on. :) It's time to #ComeClean!

Find out more about Nivea and their Cleansing Wipes, visit their facebook page.

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