Bath Time is Fun Time with Johnson's Baby Skin Care Rituals

Bathing my child is the most daunting task ever! Nothing ever prepared me for the first day of bathing my baby. Especially when her cord was still intact! But was what was scarier and a lot more difficult was when Claud turned three months. That got our bath time to luha time!

At three months, Claud grew double her newborn size and can now move around. She’s also more alert and more often awake. During bath time, she would cry incessantly when ever we would wash her face and hair. Although we love the steady weight she was gaining, it has made bathing her more difficult. I get frustrated seeing her discomfort. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I had a lot of questions!

It’s a good thing that Johnson’s Baby helped out. They introduced me to Merna, a certified midwife and member of the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP) who guided me through bathing baby Claud at this awkward stage. Johnson & Johnson is currently the only brand with scientifically proven Safety, Mildness, and Efficacy that is recommended by the World Infant Care Authority (WICA).  Their mission is to provide a one-stop site for newborn and child care for new moms like me.

They have made bath time more fun and lambing moments longer with Johnson's Baby Skin Care Rituals guiding system that is very helpful and easy to follow. It has tips on how to give baby a better bathing experience. There are lovely instructional videos to guide us on how to bath our babies, too. I love that this is targeted to Filipinas, too, and easily accessible online and on mobile.

Here are some of the things that I learned:

  1. Swaddle Bathing – even at 3 months, Claud can still benefit from swaddle bathing even if she’s bigger. The enclosed space still helps in settling a baby because it mimics the moments when she was in the womb.

With this technique, Claud’s ligo time became a happy time. No more tears. Well, not that often. Supporting her properly with my arm and hands helped with her squirming. Most of all, I made sure to use a mild head-to-toe cleansers that are best for baby’s sensitive skin. I just love the smell of J&J’s Top-to-Toe Wash!

  1. Diaper Care – Oh, the part that most parents stay away from. But for me, I love changing my daughter’s diapers. It’s with diaper changes that I know my baby is doing well and eating enough. Every time I would see her poop yellow and curd-like, I do happy dance! Hahaha! But there are a few things that I didn’t consider before but now have incorporated into baby’s grooming time.

Using Baby Powder – a lot of moms advised me not to use powder on Claud because it might cause reactions on her lungs or increase chances of her getting asthma and so we held off using powder on her.  It was hard for me seeing her in discomfort during hot humid days. But contrary to popular belief, asthma is hereditary and powder does not cause asthma.
It’s actually safe to use baby powder. Just follow these tips:
§         Use hands instead of puff or pouring the powder directly onto baby’s skin. I use it primarily on baby’s diaper area. Only sparingly on her neck and back.
§         Use only a small amount. Remember, your baby is not a choco crinkle. Lol!

I just love using baby powder on my child given that I’ve never gone a day in my life not using one! Baby powder is so ingrained in my own grooming ritual! It’s the best way to feel refresh in an instant! What I use is the Jonhnson’s Baby Powder Complete Care with 3-Way protection against irritation for me and my baby. O di ba? Ngayon pa lang, baby Claud and I share products na!

  1. Soak and Seal – Baby’s skin look so perfect, but really it isn’t. It dries up easily and this leads to skin irritation. I’m not a fan of those. Especially that my baby is prone to bungang araw.

I use Johnson’s Baby Lotion with Milk & Rice to help bring moisture back to my baby’s skin. It smells really really good and it’s easily absorbed by the skin to give my baby a fresh feel after. I know because I’ve tried it, too! This step is so important for me to reduce chances of skin problems. And I also consider this part as a way to calm my child after her bath.

  1. Touch Therapy – I make sure to give my baby a massage everyday. It’s the perfect time for me to bond with her other than our breastfeeding time. This is my favourite part! Studies shows that babies who has frequent skin-to-skin contact with their mother and those who had daily baby massage are closer to their mothers. J

Ate Merna’s baby massage technique is quite easy to follow. She also showed me how to massage baby’s face, which I didn’t do before, to use smiling strokes from chin, cheeks, and forehead. Super cute! Claud would smile whenever I would massage her tiny face. To avoid skin reaction, I use a mild scented oil like Johnson’s Baby Oil. It’s so funny because it’s the same baby oil that the husband uses. Now they can share this with each other!

To know more about how to give a good baby massage, watch the video below.

One thing I didn't realize when I incorporated Johnson’s Baby skin care products is how the scents constantly brought me back to childhood days when my mom used the same products on me most. Especially the No More Tears baby shampoo. It’s amazing how they've retained the scents! I feel as if the love of my mom for me is transferred on to my baby with every minute we do each Johnson's Baby Skin Care Ritual.

As a new mom, we need all the help we could get but with all the information out there, it’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed. Johnson's Baby Skin Care Rituals were developed in partnership with IMAP and the Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). For me it’s the easiest way to get acquainted on how to care for our baby! It answers all the questions we Filipino moms have about newborn care. No need to second guess yourself! At this point, everything is taken cared of and all we have to do is enjoy every moment we get to spend with our child.

Do I now look forward to bathing my baby? Of course! Especially that she’ll smell oh so fresh afterwards! Mmmmmm!! Sarap talaga ng amoy ng baby pag bagong paligo!

For a more detailed Johnson's Baby Skin Care Rituals, visit this site! It’s so easy to navigate depending on what your specific skin care question is.

And if you have more questions, you can use #tanongnimommy on Facebook for baby skin care questions!

Thanks to the J&J Baby team, Baby Claud and I appreciate all the learnings from your Baby Skin Care Rituals.

And Ate Merna for being so patient with me! :)

I'm soooo loving motherhood. :)

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