L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse | Luna, Iris and Ruby

So many lippies, so little time! Finally got my hands on the L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Glosses (Php595)!

Let's see how it differs from the the other other glossies launched this year, shall we?
First off, I got a bit confused when I read the PR release sent over with these glosses compared to the reviews of L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse online. The Philippine PR release describes these glosses as something that we can mix and match. It of course, boasts of the fresh and sensual shine that the wet lips effect brings to our puckers. They define these glosses further as ultra-light fluid allows to melt on to the lips for a long lasting moist-look effect combined with utmost comfort and freshness. That's because 30% of a tube of this Shine Caresse is water and 60% of it is oil. Definitely none of that tacky/stickyfeel. Thank God! With the sweltering heat, sticky gloss is like murder!

But just before reading the release, I read some reviews that boasts of it's incredible staining power. Yes! These babies serves to have fabulous stain! Why L'Oreal PH didn't include that in the release, I'm not sure! But they should!

Anyway, stain or no stain, lip glosses are my favorite lately and the reason why is because beauty brands have been upping their games lately and taking away the stickiness usually associated with it. As much as I love matte and satin finish in my lippies... I have come to appreciate the shine of a gloss. Why? Simple, really.. I feel prettier wearing them. :) LOL!

So let's get down to business, shall we? :)

What I have here Ruby, Luna and Iris. All these shades matches warm skin tone nicely. True to its words, Shine Caresse is easy to apply on to the lips, and it the help of the feather-shaped wand (which I've seen a few times on some L'oreal lip glosses in the past) applying the color evenly on to my huge lips wasn't so hard at all. The consistency reminds me a lot of Maybelline Lip Polishes but with these have specks of shimmers in it.

The effect really is like when you just bit your lips and licked it using your tongue. Yes, that sexy maneuver when your crush comes in the room. :) The one just gives you enough shine and tint to your lips for a sexy come on.

Ruby is described as Ready in Red shade. It's a deep and warm red shade. You won't notice it on the tube, as it appears a mild red consistency but on the lips, it does on pretty opaque and quite seductive. It has specks of glitz. Not really a shade that many would want to immediately grab but it's a good shade of red.

Luna is described as Kiss Me Pink. A really flattering warm pink. I think many would think it would only suit those with fair skin tone but I disagree. The shade turns slightly brighter on the lips and the stain goes on slightly red after. A great everyday color for those who prefers pink shades for their puckers.

Iris is also called Color Me Coral. This shade will suit a lot of Filipina skintones, not to mention that it's the best shade to wear this Summer season. The freshness of this shade beckons lounging by the pool while sipping a freshly-squeezed orange (add champagne on, please!).

L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Ruby, Luna and Iris
L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Ruby, Luna and Iris and the tint they leave behind. :)

Iris | Luna | Ruby
Iris | Luna | Ruby
Given the stain it leaves, swatching them on the lips was difficult. The tint is hard to remove even with the help of a makeup remover so the succeeding shade doesn't appear as true to the color of the tube. I hope though these swatches gives you a good idea of what it may look like in person.

Summary Review:
  1. Glides on easily on the lips\
  2. Very lightweight
  3. Great non-sticky consistence, it feels like water on the lips
  4. Hydrating enough for our climate.
  5. Leaves a flattering tint (but you must have a well exfoliated lips, no dry patches)
  6. May be a little expensive for some at Php595
  7. Love the feather-like applicator
  8. Chic-packaging as always.
Shen's Beauty Tip:

For Summer, opt for a lightweight lip product that you can reapply to help hydrate your lips. Nothing is more unflattering that dry chapped lips this season. :)

So far, what's your favorite L'Oreal Shine Caresse shades from what I've shown you? Mine would be Luna!

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