My SM Babies Baby Shower with Fellow Bloggers

I'm still overwhelmed with what happened last Tuesday....

SM Babies and ARC Public Relations generously thrown me a Baby Shower at one of Manila's posh hotels, Discovery Suites. The event was styled by Kaye Garcia and catered by Leo Sotto. And attended by many of my beautiful and ever so nice blogger friends.

I never really expected a blessing like this could ever happen to me. Never. When I learned I was going to have a baby, that alone was a blessing enough. I remember the husband and I passing through SM Babies section at Megamall's SM Department Store. For the first time in our eight year relationship, we stopped and looked at all the cute baby clothing. It was then felt that it was high time that we have a child of our own.

Not realizing that as we browse around SM Babies, our daughter was taking form inside of me already. We already considered being pregnant a miracle.. What transpired after was more than the blessings we expected. From the moment I learned I was to be a mom, a wave of support, love, and excitement from all of our friends and family washed over us both. I can't tell you how helpful it was for me to be surrounded with such positivity while I go through the hurdles of pregnancy.

More so when ARC and SM Babies approached me with their intentions to throw me a baby shower!

SM Babies and Melissa of SM Babies, wanted to share with me through a baby shower that they have everything I could possibly need and want for my baby girl. From the basic essentials, to the fashionable finds, and even sustainable options. By bringing my closest blogger friends together to celebrate this special and making them experience shopping for my baby Camilla Claudette. :)

I feel incredibly blessed to have known such lovable, generous and utterly thoughtful friends in the blogging world that they have given Baby Claud sooo much during the Baby Shower. Not only the things they bought, but the time and effort they made in choosing each gift and taking time to join me at the baby shower. It fills my heart everytime I think about it now. And during the event, I felt as if my heart was ready to burst from happiness and gratitude.

ARC Public Relations worked incredibly hard in making the Baby Shower a successful event. Celine Gabriel-Lim, generously offered to host and she was incredible! Erica nd Krissy who labored away with the planning of the invitations, games and flow of the program that everyone enjoyed. And Jenny who put this all together for me and Baby Claud. I could spend all day thanking all of you and that won't be enough.

I really don't know what I did to deserve all this.. All I can think of is that every mom-to-be should have a moment like this. A moment that will make her feel special and make her anticipate motherhood more.

Seeing all the things my blogger friends got for Baby Claud, I can't help but wish for the time to come by quickly so I can give birth and start to dressing her up. Instead of thinking of the things that could go wrong, I am more excited for the future of being able to give her the best through the blessings I've received in behalf of her. Baby Claud is very lucky to have so many people excited to see her and those people making sure that she only experience the best in clothing. :)

Take a look at the event photos and what these lovely ladies got my Baby Claud for the Baby Shower. :)

Alyssa, me, Hannah, Angela, Mikki, Jess

Christine, Tita Noemi, me, Jess, Krissy, and Jackie

Mikki, Martha, Jess, me, and Nicole

Martha, Alyssa, Jackie, Angela, Christine, and Krissy

Hannah and I, my #LiveAllOut #Laboracy2013 room mate and friend

Paul, Didi, Rowena, Michelle, Earth, Ana, and Jane

Paul, Ana, Mikki,me, and Earth

Me and Tita Noemi, one of the most influential bloggers in the Philippines. She's very inspiring. :)

Paul, me, Ana with our babies!

Alex and I, love love her taste in fashion! :)

Celine, Melissa of SM Babies, me and Jenny

Rica prepared three fun games for the guests to enjoy.  love how games can bring out our competitive streak and still bring out camaraderie amongst us. :)

Earth on Baby Charades

And on to the gift giving! :) Opening these gifts and seeing all the beautiful things they picked out for Baby Claud 

Onesies! Baby Claud will be loving all the cute onesies her titas and tito picked out for her. :) I felt relieved that they've taken the choosing out of my hands because the last time I visited SM Babies, I got sooo overwhelmed!

Tita Nicole picked this cure rainbow dress that we all wished came in out sizes! :)

These adorable sleepsacks are from Tita Earth! :) This, they say, is better for babies as it allows them freedom to move but still able to be comforted by the thick clothing. It's like a sleeping bag and sando in one.

More onesies from Tita Alyssa, Tito Paul and Tita Didi. :)

Tita Michelle enjoyed picking this uber posh Baptismal gown for Baby Claud. Although I imagine her in a long gown for the church, this is what she'll be wearing for her baptismal party. Yes, Baby Claud going to be very stylish much like her Tita Michelle. :)

There were more gifts!! From glittery mary jane shoes from Tita Jess, Sarah and Ana to layettes from Tita Martha, Outerwear from Tita Alex, Nicole, Krissy and more!!

We have to give a special shout out to Tito Paul who made this uber cute basket for Little Claud. :) She made use of the mittens and onesies and made it look like a baketful of tulips! Isn't it pretty? :)

Oh! and here's the animal-print boots from Tita Jess! :) Will show you more on my next posts. :)

Gifts just came pouring in.... I was getting overwhelmed to the point that the onslaught of happiness brought me to tears.

I was trying thank everyone here... How grateful I am for love and support and the gifts for Baby Claud. That this journey has made me incredibly happy that I have forgotten the pain of not having my mom around with me. I never thought I could go through this without her but I did because I'm surrounded with people who cares for me and my family. I may not see my blogger friends often but the I didn't realize that the short time we have spent together meant something to them to have taken this time to spend it with me and my child.

These words are not enough to show how grateful I am for this event.
God has worked his miracles through these people.

Thank you,  Melissa and SM Babies. for showing me how easy it is to be a mom with you by my side.
You really have it all. :)
ARC Public Relations Girls for thinking me special enough to be showered this amazing event.
For my blogger friends, your time is precious and I consider it an incredible honor that you took the time to celebrate this very special event with me.

You are all God's angels sent to me on this joyous occasion.
I can only hope that I have a chance in the future to repay your kindness to me and Baby Claud.

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