Unboxing: BDJ BOX | January-February 2014

Year 2014 has brought a lot of changes in my life. I'm now married, more than half way pregnant and even my friends have noticed how different my outlook in life is now compared last year.

Receiving the BDJ Box January to February 2014 couldn't be more timely. The box is filled with lots of items to enocurage change for this new year. From a subtle change like trying a new emulsion or as big as changing your hair color.

Find out what's inside my BDJ Box today!

Garnier Color Naturals Cream, Php199

I've used Garnier hair coloring before and I love it. The instructions are easy to follow and you get good results. Not to mention that it saves you a lot of money than going to a salon. Good thing with this variant is that it's enriched with Olive Oil to care for your hair.

And yes, you get a full size of this! :)

TonyMoly's Skincare Revolution

On to skincare, TonyMoly's Skincare Revolution that claims to be an expert solution without surgery. It has breakthrough ingredients to provide extraordinary skin care solution.

It contains samples Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, Oriental Gyeol Emulsion, Intense Care live Snail Cream and Luminous Aura CC Cream. Definitely top of the notch skin care and makeup products from this famous Korean cosmetic brand. 

Tomatox Magic White Mask is great for those who want instant white effect. It's loaded with ingredients with tomato, lemon, kiwi and white tea extracts.
Oriental Gyeol Emulsion is non-sticky and can act as a base to balance moisture and oil in our skin.
Intense Care Live Snail Cream is ideal for age spots, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. It's one of the recent breakthrough in skin care tehcnology making use of snail that is rich in collagen.

Beauty and Bright Moringa from Droplets, Php114 each

One of the first products I tried from this beauty box, it contain s Moringa, Papaya, Kojic Aid, & Plant-based Lactic Acid. It has a minty scent that is so refreshing now that our weather is slowly preparing for Summer. I'll let you know if I see a difference in skintone in a few weeks as this one boasts of lightening effect.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner, Php1200 each

Definitely one of the products I've been wanting to try (but can't justify yet if it's worth the buy). These are bonus items in the kit which I'm so happy about! And lo and behold, I'm hooked! I love the scent, the lather and the moisturizing feel of this shampoo and conditioner. And it is really good for those who constantly struggle with drying their hair. Not that it made drying so much easier, but my hair seems more manageable while blow drying after using this sample.

Revlon Nail Art in Neon, Php375

I'm not sure if I'd want to sport neon nails yet but I do love me some blue nails! I've had a chance to try out these products last year and I love them! Collect them when you get a chance! 

Ellana Minerals Lip and Cheek Tint, Php220

A full-size product in the Jan-Feb 2014 box! Woot!

Did you know that a crimson/red lip tint is one is the most preferred tint for a natural looking blush? And it really mimics our lips natural color? I've used the old version of this lip and cheek tint and I have to tell you that it does give that fresh flush and at the same time quite easy to blend on to the cheeks. This must never leave your kit!

Avon's Aew 360 Whtite 15 in 1 CC Cream, 699

Another full size product in this beauty kit! Yey!

I haven't tried this one yet but base from my swatch this one seems promising. It doesn't feel at all like a BB cream and it dries into a matte finish on the back of my hand. I have to give this one extra attention for the coming days and share my thoughts with you soon. :)

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara, Php650

The sexiness of the brush got me along with the creamy consistency of the wax. I have yet to try this but Carnauba wax looks to be a good ingredient in keeping my lashes coated well and have the curls lasting more than 12 hours. :)

Vouchers galore! 

Free Brow Construction from Browhaus
3 Gift Vouchers from Aesthetic Intimate of the Philippines worth Php500 each
Php600 off of Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Php800 off for Cynos Nano Digital Perming at Azta Urban Salon

After sorting through all the "Change it up!" BDJ Box, there seems to be one thing that I should do... never miss a BDJ BOX! :) You really get so much products for the price you're paying for. Imagine getting 4 full size products for only Php580 loaded with interesting beauty finds.

You always hear it: New Year, New You! But it's really hard to break old habits and explore new things. We tend to cocoon ourselves in what we know best and where we are comfortable. But with an encouraging box like this one, I don't think it would be that hard to stray from our norms and see what 2014 has in store for us. It's only February, it's not too late.... :) 

Change it up today! :)

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